‘Bedrock’: Elizabeth Banks’ Flintstones Animated Sequel Series Set at FOX!!

Get ready to re-meet the Flintstones. Fox Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, and Elizabeth BanksBrownstone Productions have joined forces to develop Bedrock, a primetime animated adult comedy series continuing the story of the beloved modern Stone Age family, The Flintstones.

Catching up with the family 20 years after the original, the new series follows the exploits of a now-adult Pebbles starting on her own career, just as the Bronze Age arrives in Bedrock. Banks will voice Pebbles, in addition to her role as executive producer. The pilot script will be written by Lindsay Kerns (Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous).

When the news first broke that Warner Bros. Animation and Brownstone Productions were developing a show based on the classic Hanna-Barbera series, they didn’t yet have a home on a network. Fox Entertainment, with their primetime Sunday night animation lineup, is a natural fit. FOX Entertainment President of Entertainment, Michael Thorn had this to say.

“Long before the Simpsons and Springfield, the Griffins and Quahog or even when the Belchers started serving burgers on Ocean Avenue, there were the Flintstones and Bedrock. Their imprint on the animation universe is undeniable and the idea of adapting it for today’s audience is a challenge we here at FOX are very much looking forward to taking on with Warner Bros., Elizabeth and Lindsay. No pressure whatsoever, really.”

The Flintstones first debuted on ABC in 1960. Fox also announced that they have acquired rights to make all 166 episodes available on their free streaming service, Tubi, starting May 1. Numerous modern adaptations of The Flintstones have tried to make their way to television in recent years, including Seth McFarlane‘s 2011 attempt, which failed to materialize.

The Flintstones are the first family of primetime animation,” said Peter Girardi, Executive Vice President, Alternative Programming at Warner Bros. Animation. “Elizabeth and Lindsay have a brilliant take on these characters, and FOX and Brownstone are the perfect partners to bring them back to primetime. This is going to rock (sorry).”

Joining Banks as executive producer is Brownstone Production’s Max Handelman (Pitch Perfect, Shrill). Kerns and Brownstone’s Dannah Shinder will serve as co-executive producers.

No word yet on when Bedrock will land, so stay tuned for further details. All episodes of The Flintstones will be streaming on Tubi starting May 1.


via Collider

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