‘Evil’ Season 2 Moves to Paramount+!!

Evil is making the move from CBS to Paramount+ along with titles Clarice and SEAL Team, Variety reports ahead of CBS’ Upfront presentation. In a move to try and get into the streaming world, the new platform is going to need new content, so moving existing shows there can help get viewers excited about Paramount+.

Starring Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, Aasif Mandvi, and Michael Emerson, Evil is a show that looks at the unbelievable, the Catholic church, and one skeptic’s inability to explain away what she’s seeing.

Evil became a viral hit when the show hit Netflix after its first season, detailing a team of investigators looking into unexplained mysteries for the Catholic church. Kristen Bouchard is a psychologist who is skeptical about the entire situation but works with a priest and a contractor to look into the world of the unknown and whether or not demonic possession can be the cause. It’s an easy watch and one that does do well for streaming, as many have found it on Netflix and binge-watched the show.

As of January, the cast was working on Season 2 and star Herbers posted on Instagram that the show was heading to CBS this spring. Clearly, that has changed but there is still no news as to when fans can expect to see Season 2 streaming on Paramount Plus. Sorry to those still waiting for an answer about Season 1’s cliffhanger; you’ll probably have to wait a bit longer to figure out what’s going on with Dr. Kristen Bouchard and her girls.

Even if Evil has gotten away with some surprisingly dark and violent imagery for a network show, the move to a streaming service can open the doors for the writers to explore content that we usually don’t see on network TV. Getting to see more of Evil and other CBS programming on Paramount Plus is exciting but it does open up slots in CBS programming and questions about what is going to happen to the cable network. Paramount+ does need programming to get new users to flock to it but whether or not that means it will be moving more of CBS’ programming over to streaming exclusively is an entirely different question.

Evil Season 2 is coming at some point and that’s all we know for certain. Whether or not that’s any time soon is still unknown but hopefully, it is sooner rather than later!


via Collider

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