‘Debris’: NBC Cancels Sci-Fi Series After One Season!!

As Variety reports, NBC won’t be picking up sci-fi series Debris for a second season, which means Season 1’s open finale will probably remain incomplete. Debris failed to find its public, with lukewarm ratings that led to NBC’s decision to cancel the series after just one season.

Debris followed CIA agent Bryan Beneventi (Jonathan Tucker) and MI6 operative Finola Jones (Riann Steele), as the two agencies join forces to recover the pieces of a spaceship that fell on Earth. The debris of the fallen ship is more than proof aliens exist, as each piece also messes around with the laws of physics, changing the lives of the people who come into contact with them. The show was never intended to end with only one season, with a finale that brought more questions than answers to Debris’ central mystery. The series’ creator, J.H. Wyman, had recently spoken to Collider about his intentions for Season 2, making the early cancellation even more tragic.

Wyman is known for his work with sci-fi after acting as a writer, director, and producer on J.J. AbramsFringe. Wyman had also previously created the sci-fi show Almost Human for Fox, which unfortunately was also canceled after only one season. We’ve seen many canceled shows get an afterlife after being picked up by a different broadcast company or streaming channel. However, Debris’ brief exhibition window, together with its low ratings, makes it difficult for the series to garner enough public interest to finish its story somewhere else.

Debris‘ final episode aired last Monday, May 24. The full season is not yet available on any streaming platform.


via Collider

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