‘The Flash’: Brief Set Footage Sees Sasha Calle’s Supergirl Taking Flight!! Check It Out!!

Footage from the set of The Flash features a brief new look at Sasha Calle‘s Supergirl while also giving us the first taste of Bruce Wayne’s presence in the film. Filming is currently underway in London, England, for the Ezra Miller-led superhero project.

Director Andy Muschietti recently gave fans a small peek at the Kryptonian, but the latest set of images and videos should help paint a clearer picture of the DCEU‘s latest hero. Supergirl can be seen performing a stunt in the air, then slowly flying down to the ground and landing on her feet. As far as superhero landings go, it’s about as smooth as it gets. Meanwhile, eagle-eyed fans also spotted an absurdly fancy vehicle that screams Bruce Wayne. Now, it’s not clear which version of the Batman it belongs to, but judging by Supergirl’s presence and its retro look, Michael Keaton may very well be behind the wheel. Additionally, another image shows a Central City bus with a Wonder Woman posting, showing how prominent the Justice League heroes are in people’s everyday life.

Muschietti (It: Chapter Two) helms the long-gestating project from a script by Birds of Prey‘s Christina Hodson, who is also working on a Batgirl solo film. The Flash will be heavily inspired by Flashpoint and see Barry Allen run back in time, inadvertently exploring other timelines. Ben Affleck will be returning as Batman, but won’t be the only Caped Crusader on screen. The film will see the return of Keaton as the Dark Knight for the first time since 1992’s Batman Returns. Filling out the supporting cast is Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Maribel Verdú as Nora Allen, and Ron Livingston as Henry Allen, replacing Billy Crudup as Barry’s father after his appearance in Justice League. Social media star Rudy Mancuso and Saoirse-Monica Jackson (Derry Girls) join the project in undisclosed roles.

After years of creative turmoil and fan anticipation, The Flash finally comes to theaters on November 4, 2022. Check out the set footage below:


via Collider

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