‘Knives Out 2’: New Set Photos Confirms Ethan Hawke Has Joined the Cast!!

In a jaw-dropping development, the latest images from the set of Knives Out 2 reveal that four-time Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke has joined the ensemble cast. The Rian Johnson-helmed Netflix project is currently filming in Greece and will see Daniel Craig‘s Benoit Blanc travel abroad to solve another mystery.

Taking a break from shooting the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight, Hawke can be seen on the busy set opposite fellow cast member Dave Bautista, holding what seems like an incredibly fancy water gun. The entire vibe of the scene instantly gives you the impression the story will revolve around an eccentric wealthy family vacationing abroad, with Hawke playing someone seemingly accommodating their stay. However, knowing Johnson, a major twist could be in play for the acclaimed actor. It’s unclear if Hawke will have a prominent role in the film, but it’s notable that his involvement has been kept secret until now.

With Craig serving as the sole returning cast member, Johnson has put together yet again another all-star ensemble that also features Janelle Monae, Jessica Henwick, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, and Madelyn Cline. Outside of Henwick, all of the aforementioned actors have been seen prominently during the production’s first several days of filming.

Despite the overwhelming secrecy around the project, it seems Johnson isn’t very worried about people catching an unofficial sneak peek at the film. Thankfully, due to the early nature of the images, spoilers for the film’s plot remain under wraps. It’s still uncharacteristic for The Last Jedi director to allow set photos to speak for the film, but it wouldn’t be surprising if an official reveal of the cast is unveiled soon.

Knives Out 2 is currently set to debut exclusively on Netflix at an unspecified date. Check out the set photos below:


via Collider

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