‘The North Water’ Trailer Teases the New AMC+ Drama Series!! Check It Out!!

AMC+ has unveiled the first trailer for The North Water, a new drama series starring Jack O’Connell and Colin Farrell that has been sailing under the radar but looks absolutely stunning all the same.

The North Water is a five-part limited series based on Ian McGuire‘s bestselling novel of the same name. Set in Hull, England, and on the ice floes of the Arctic in the late 1850s, the immersive drama follows Patrick Sumner (O’Connell), a disgraced former army surgeon who embarks on a whaling expedition with a brutal harpooner by the name of Henry Drax (Farrell).

Sumner is aboard as the ship’s doctor, but he soon finds that his crew mates are as ferocious as the elements they must face in the Arctic. As the true purpose of theirv expedition becomes clear, a confrontation between the two men erupts, taking them on a journey far from solid ground and way beyond the safe moorings of civilization.

Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire) co-stars in The North Water, which hails from writer-director Andrew Haigh (Weekend), who created the miniseries. The show was produced by See-Saw Films and Rhombus Media and was shot on the frozen seas north of the Svalbard Archipelago — the furthest point north (81 degrees) it is believed a drama series has ever been filmed before.

O’Connell, Farrell and Graham are three of the most intense actor’s working today, and I can’t wait to see them clash on the open seas, surrounded by ice and misery. The cinematography looks gorgeous, and it looks as though little expense was spared here, so let’s hope the finished product measures up to this trailer. Watch it below, and be sure to check out The North Water when it debuts on AMC+ on Thursday, July 15.


via Collider

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