‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Season 3 Gets a New Teaser!! Check It Out!!

Would you buy something previously owned by a vampire? Clearly, the undead roommates of What We Do in the Shadows have quite a lot of things that don’t “spark joy,” if FX’s newest teaser trailer is any indication.

While the teaser gives no hints as to what audiences will actually see in Season 3, it does give us a sense of just how much junk our favorite vampires have accumulated over the course of their long lives. Everything from loose bones to taxidermied armadillos is pulled out of the corners of their Staten Island home, listed on an eBay-esque website in an attempt to declutter.

Everyone’s favorite human Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) is as overwhelmed as ever, fielding off-the-wall items from his vampire master Nandor the Relentless (Kayvan Novak) and his roommates, Laszlo (Matt Berry), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), and the ever-frustrating Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch). Most of the items look to be mostly useless — how can a bucket hold evil? — proving that despite their age, vampires are no better at using the Internet than some of us humans.

Perhaps some of the junk our favorite TV vampires are looking to get rid of will be relevant to the upcoming season. Clearly, Nadja is still trying to get rid of her partner’s witch skin hat that caused them all so much trouble in the past, and maybe selling items on the Internet is a strategy for Colin’s energy vampire tactics. (Because frankly, not many of the items look like they’d be useful any other way…)

A spin-off of the hit film of the same name, What We Do in the Shadows is executive produced by Jemaine Clement and Taiki Waititi, creators of the original film, alongside Paul Simms, Garrett Basch, Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, and Stefani Robinson.

Season 3 of the hit show will premiere on FX on September 2, with episodes available for streaming the next day on FX on Hulu. Check out the teaser trailer below:


via Collider

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