‘Dark Star Squadron’: Zoe Saldana and Crunchyroll Teaming Up for Space Opera Anime!!

Crunchyroll will be partnering up with Zoe Saldana’s (Guardians of the Galaxy), and her sisters, Cisely Saldana’s, and Mariel Saldana’s digital platform Cinestar Pictures in the production and development of an original space opera anime series titled Dark Star Squadron.

Joining the Saldana sisters in the writing of this animated series is producer and writer Todd Ludy (Bridezillas). Additional executive producers include Sonia A. Gambaro and Maytal Gilboa from Pollinate Entertainment.

In a statement, the Saldana sisters shared their enthusiasm for the project.

“As true animation and anime fans ourselves, we are so excited for the opportunity to partner with Crunchyroll to bring ‘Dark Star Squadron’ to a wide audience. We can’t wait for everyone to meet the crew and follow the journey of our unlikely heroes.”

From what we know of the plot so far, Dark Star Squadron will be an epic space anime series that follows four protagonists that are less than successful cadets who, upon returning from a joyride on a “borrowed” spaceship, arrive to find their academy destroyed and everyone gone without a trace. Finding themselves completely alone, the unlikely heroes embark on a journey across the galaxy to find those who are missing and prove themselves.

Sarah Victor, Head of Development at Crunchyroll has commented on this new partnership:

“We’re elated to be working with such a talented creative team on the development of ‘Dark Star Squadron,’ a new fantasy adventure series. We love working with creators who are passionate about telling stories through anime and we can’t wait to bring this interstellar epic to fans across the galaxy.”

Dark Star Squadron hasn’t a release date as of yet, however, it will be available for streaming as a Crunchyroll-exclusive.


via Collider

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