‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’: First Images Tease the All New Horrors!! Check It Out!!

Amazon Studios has released a first look at the stories for the second installment of Welcome to the Blumhouse, its successful anthology horror series produced in tandem with Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Television. The four new stories, chronicling every kind of horror from classic vampires to a deadly bingo hall, will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in October, available exclusively to Prime subscribers.

The three new images — along with a look at The Manor, premiered exclusively by Collider — gives audiences a look at the horrors to come when Welcome to the Blumhouse returns, filled to the brim with new, diverse tales of terror.

First comes Bingo Hell, the tale of an aging neighborhood activist (Adriana Barraza) who discovers that her local bingo hall, once beloved by everyone, has been taken over by a dark force that only she can stop. Stationed in front of the welcome sign for her beloved Oak Springs, Lupita bears a baton in this new image, ready to play a game of winner-takes-all.

Black as Night showcases the adventures of four teenagers battling it out against vampires to protect their hometown of New Orleans. Brandishing flashlights and the kind of bravery only rebellious teenagers could possess, Shawna (Asjha Cooper) and her friends find themselves caught in the middle of warring vampire factions, only to find out killing monsters — especially their leaders — is not a battle easily won.

Madres is a tale much closer to home, the story of a young Mexican-American couple (Tenoch Huerta and Ariana Guerra) who discover something gruesome in their attempts to live a quiet and peaceful life. After being plagued by confusing nightmares upon moving into their new, isolated home, the couple discovers the grisly belongings of the house’s previous owners, leading them down a strange and terrifying path.

Welcome to The Blumhouse wraps up with The Manor, which sees Barbra Hershey playing a woman who, having suffered a stroke, moves into a care facility that is more than meets the eye — and not in a good way. When nightmarish visions send her an eerie warning and residents begin dying left and right, Hershey’s Judith must fight to survive, despite everyone around her refusing to believe what she says.

Welcome to the Blumhouse boasts an impressive set of writers and directors, including Gigi Saul Guerrero (Bingo Hell), Maritte Lee Go (Black as Night), Ryan Zaragoza (Madres), and Axelle Carolyn (The Manor). The four new installments, released as double features, will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in October. Bingo Hell and Black as Night will premiere on October 1 for all Prime subscribers, with Madres and The Manor debuting on October 8. Check out more images below:


via Collider

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