‘Manifest’ Season 4: Netflix Likely to Become New Home!!

There’s still hope for Manifest fans, as Deadline reveals that Netflix might become the new home for the series about a passenger plane that gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle for five years. While international rights are still the biggest obstacle for the production of Season 4 of the canceled NBC show, negotiations between all the required parts have been moving forward, with producer Warner Bros. TV making “if-come” offers to cast and crew.

After three successful seasons, NBC canceled Manifest last June, which promptly started a fan movement to save the show. The pressure from fans, series creator Jeff Rake, and high ratings when the show’s first two seasons hit Netflix led the streaming channel, Warner Bros. TV, and NBC to sit at the discussion table in July. Unfortunately, no deal was made at that time, as Warner Bros. TV had sold the international rights for Manifest market by market, and we all know Netflix buys in bulk.

Without the possibility to stream the show outside of the U.S., Manifest became a lot less attractive to Netflix. Nevertheless, if Warner Bros. TV is making an effort to ensure cast and crew stay available, should the show be revived for further seasons, there might be hope Netflix will pick up Manifest, warts and all. In addition, Warner Bros. TV and Netflix already worked together to solve similar issues regarding international rights for the series Lucifer, so they might have found a clever solution that allows Manifest fans to have closure.

Season 3 of Manifest ended with a lot of cliffhangers that would be solved by future seasons, as the series was initially planned to run for six seasons. However, the abrupt cancellation might affect Rake’s initial plan, as even if the series gets renewed for Season 4, there are no guarantees Netflix would already greenlight two additional seasons on top of that. At least the creative team could try to untangle all the knots in a possible last season instead of leaving Manifest’s mystery unsolved.

The first two seasons of Manifest are streaming on Netflix right now. You can also check out Season 3 on NBC On Demand or its streaming service, Peacock.


via Collider

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