‘Queens’ Trailer Teases ABC’s Comedy About Middle-Aged Rappers!! Check It Out!!

ABC has released a new extended trailer for Queens, the upcoming comedy about a group of four women in their 40s trying to relive their days of hip-hop fame, starring Eve and Brandy. The four women were once famous music artists, but now each of them has to deal with their own domestic life issues. Queens will premiere October 19 on ABC.

The trailer introduces us to Brianna aka Professor Sex (Eve), Jill aka Da Thrill (Naturi Naughton), Valeria aka Butter Pecan (Nadine Velazquez), and Naomi aka Xplicit Lyrics (Brandy). The four women rocked the hip-hop world in the 1990s with their ensemble known as “Nasty Bitches.” Now, after more than 20 years since they’ve stepped on a stage, the glory of their past seems to be a distant dream. However, destiny will bring the four women back together, and with their friendship to support them, they will try to reignite the flame of their success and prove to the world they still have a lot to show. It’s not an easy task to become megastars once again, though, and while searching for prestige, they might put their friendship at risk.

Queens is created by Zahir McGhee (Scandal) and features original music performed by the stars at the direction of executive music producer Swizz Beatz. McGhee, Sabrina Wind, and Tim Story are executive producers. The series is produced by ABC Signature, a part of Disney Television Studios. The pilot episode was written by McGhee and directed by Story. Queens also stars Taylore Sele as the manager of “Nasty Bitches,” Eric Jones, and Pepi Sonuga as Lauren “Lil Muffin” Rice, a next-generation hip-hop singer that’ll connect with the four lead stars.

Queens premieres October 19, with new episodes coming out weekly on ABC. Check the extended look at the series below:


via Collider

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