‘Somebody That I Used to Know’: Dave Franco to Direct Amazon’s Rom-Com!!

Dave Franco is set to direct an upcoming Amazon Original rom-com titled Somebody That I Used to Know. The original film was written by Franco and Alison Brie. This is not the first time the husband and wife have worked on a film together. They both portrayed characters in The Lego Movie, as well as acted together in The Disaster Artist and The Little Hours. Additionally, in Franco’s directorial debut The Rental, Brie starred and received raving reviews and terrific box office success.

On top of co-writing the new film, Brie is also set to star in it alongside Jay Ellis and Kiersey Clemons. The movie is expected to be released sometime in 2022, where it will be a worldwide Amazon exclusive.

Somebody That I Used to Know will follow a workaholic named Ally (portrayed by Brie) who takes a trip back to her hometown and has a run in with her ex-boyfriend Sean (portrayed by Ellis). The two begin to relive stories from their past and Ally begins to contemplate her life choices and the person that she has become. Ally later meets a younger woman named Cassidy (portrayed by Clemons) who eerily reminds her of the person she once was.

In a statement, Franco said:

“Alison and I love romantic comedies and were inspired by the classics from the 80’s and 90’s,” said Franco. “We couldn’t be more excited about working with Jay and Kiersey, who are both extremely natural performers, capable of bringing levity and drama in equal measure. And we’re so grateful to have partnered with Amazon Studios, who have been incredibly supportive in helping bring this project to life.”

Earlier this year, Franco revealed that the film would be an “elevated version of a romantic comedy” inspired by classics like When Harry Met Sally. In an interview with Discussing Film, Franco said:

“We want to make a smarter, more elevated version of a romantic comedy. We were inspired by classics like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and Pretty Woman, which are all films that are grounded, where the acting is really strong and they are all shot like dramas, so they they look good. We were just wondering why people don’t really approach the genre from that smarter point of view these days, and so that’s what we tried to accomplish with this script.”

There are no further details about Somebody That I Used to Know, but we’ll share them as soon as they are announced.


via Collider

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