‘The French Dispatch’ Gets a New Clip!! Check It Out!!

The French Dispatch, the latest movie by director Wes Anderson, has released a new clip for the movie, which gives a look into how the film is going to handle the series of stories that come to life in the title magazine. With many shots that just scream Anderson, this looks to be one of his more interesting films yet.

Anderson‘s unique style is clear throughout the promotional ads for The French Dispatch, but with this clip, it looks as if the stories they are bringing to life are in black and white, while the writers are in color, hence why we get to see a Bill Murray sitting in a fun little den area in color. But with a cast like this, how could they all be in black and white? Including Murray, the cast is stacked with performances from Benicio del Toro, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Léa Seydoux, Frances McDormand, Timothée Chalamet, Lyna Khoudri, Jeffrey Wright, Mathieu Amalric, Stephen Park, and Owen Wilson. The French Dispatch will be the tenth film from Anderson.

The new clip is a wonderful look into one of the stories we can expect from the title newspaper in the film. The “The Private Dining Room of the Police Commissioner” by Roebuck Wright has Ed Norton appearing as a police commissioner and it’s fun to see actors return to their roles in the world of Anderson. Prior to this, Norton had worked with Anderson on Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Isle of Dogs, and Anderson does have a track record for constantly pulling from the same actors ones he’s worked with them once. Just look at his career with the Wilson brothers.

But The French Dispatch looks like an interesting match between his earlier way of storytelling with movies like The Royal Tenenbaums mixed with his later style of bright colors and elaborate sets. And it looks like a great tenth addition to Anderson’s feature film collection. The French Dispatch comes to theaters on October 22. Check out the new clip below.



via Collider

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