‘The Next Thing You Eat’ Trailer Teases the Hulu Docuseries About the Future of Food!! Check It Out!!

Hulu has released the trailer for The Next Thing You Eat starring David Chang, features the star talking to experts in the food industry about the technological advancements occurring in the business. It aims to focus on not just what’s happening in the present, but also the future of how we make, eat, and enjoy our food.

The trailer tells the audience “you might think you know” about “burgers, delivery, restaurants, food tech, breakfast, and “sushi,” strongly insinuating that the average audience member is not prepared for what they’re in store for with the series. About halfway through the trailer, Chang tries lab-grown meat and discusses with an expert how some labs can be so sophisticated that we may be able to synthesize dinosaur meat someday. They also explore robots who can cook a perfect steak just by looking at it, animal-free salmon, and the audience gets treated to a special cameo by Danny Trejo.

It also seems like Chang will explore hydroponic technologies that can help us grow greater amounts of better-quality food without destroying the environment the way that mono-crop agriculture does. Lastly, it’ll be interesting to see interviews with restaurateurs who want to use modern-day technology to make our dining experiences better than they’ve ever been.

The six-episode docu-series The Next Thing You Eat premieres Thursday, October 21 on Hulu. Check out the trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis for The Next Thing You Eat:

From chef David Chang and Academy Award–winning documentary filmmaker Morgan Neville, The Next Thing You Eat is a six-episode docuseries that explores the seismic changes happening all around us and what they mean for the way we’ll eat in the future. Chang and a diverse cast of characters dive headfirst into what lies ahead, including everything from burger-flipping robots, to lab-grown fish, to insect farms, to artificial intelligence calling all the shots.


via Collider

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