‘Litvinenko’: David Tennant to Star in New Series From ‘Lupin’ Creator!!

David Tennant, most well-known for his role as the Doctor in Doctor Who, will be playing former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in the new ITV drama series Litvinenko, according to an exclusive from Deadline. Lupin and Criminal writer George Kay will be the mind behind the true-crime series. Tennant, who recently took on the role of serial killer Dennis Nilsen in ITV’s Des, will star alongside Margarita Levieva who plays Litvinenko’s wife, Marina.

The four-part drama will tell the story of the former Russian Federal Security Services agent whose assassination by polonium poisoning in 2006 had the British nation in shock. Litvinenko’s death generated one of the most intricate and risky investigations that the Metropolitan Police had ever seen. Prior to his succumbing to the radioactive poison, Litvinenko managed to give detectives precise details of what had happened to him and other essential information from his hospital bed. Litvinenko’s final efforts were what ultimately led Scotland Yard to find the two men who had killed him. Litvinenko survived for 22 days after his poisoning with Polonium-210 in a London hotel room in November of 2006.

The series’ focus also falls upon Marina, Litvinenko’s widow, and her courageous battle to convince the British Government to publicly announce the identity of her husband’s killers and their ties with the Russian State and Vladimir Putin.

ITV Studios and Tiger Aspect are in charge of producing the show. Jim Field Smith, who previously worked with Kay on Criminal, will be directing. Litvinenko will be airing on ITV in the UK and it will be distributed internationally by ITV Studios. It is unclear when the series will premiere, or where it will air in the United States.



via Collider

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