‘The Boys’ Season 3: Vought International Drops New Updates on The Deep!! Check It Out!!

A new featurette about Amazon Prime’s popular superhero series The Boys has dropped, courtesy of Vought International’s YouTube account. For those who haven’t seen the show before, Vought International is the fictional global conglomerate that manages the lives and careers of the superheroes in the show — among many other things. This particular episode of their satirical news network within the show, Vought News Network, features a special cameo from none other than The Deep (Chace Crawford).

It looks as though real-life water company Liquid Death is working with Amazon on a sponsorship with the show. In the satirical news clip, The Deep advertises the product and talks at length about the company’s charitable movement called “Death to Plastic” (also a real thing). 10% of the company’s proceeds are donated to cleaning up plastic out of the ocean — although we don’t think setting it on fire and melting it the way they do in the YouTube clip is the best way to handle the environmental devastation that plastic causes. Regardless, it did address the problem in a funny way.

His faux advertisement in the featurette incorporates shots of dead sea turtles, killer whales, and seals, painting a bleak picture against the inherent humor in the video. At one point, The Deep informs the viewer that “scientists – and most of the dolphins I’ve talked to – say that by 2050, plastic pollution will outpace fish pound-for-pound in our oceans.” This is not only a real fact, but also the justification for Liquid Death packaging their products in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans.

There’s no release date yet for Season 3 of The Boys, but given how much parallel hype content they’ve been putting out lately, we have to assume it’s coming soon. Check out the Vought News Network parody video featuring The Deep below:



via Collider

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