A ‘Jonas Brothers Family Roast’ Comedy Special is Coming to Netflix!!

The comedy special for pop fans everywhere, Jonas Brothers Family Roast, is going to arrive on Netflix just in time for the holiday season. The comedy special is not just the Jonas Brothers roasting each other (although that would be interesting in its own right), as this special is jam-packed full of stars ready to roast the Jo Bros.

Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian Kenan Thompson will be hosting the event and wrangling not just the Brothers, but several other comedians and musical guests. Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson will be joining the festivities, along with Gabriel Iglesias, Lilly Singh, Jack Whitehall, and John Legend.

The announcement comes with a fun little trailer to herald the event, featuring Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas sitting in a living room discussing the roast. Nick and Kevin take turns dishing out all the important details while Joe hangs out in the background, punctuating every single one of their sentences with the phrase “roasted!”, seemingly unclear as to what “roasting” someone really entails.

In addition to the roasting, Jonas Brothers Family Roast will also include sketches, songs, games, and more. There will also reportedly be special guests, so could we see Priyanka Chopra or Sophie Turner getting in on the fun?

Jonas Brothers Family Roast will be available on Netflix for streaming on November 23. Check out the trailer for Jonas Brothers Family Roast below.

Here is the synopsis for Jonas Brothers Family Roast:

It’s the Jonas Brothers like you’ve never seen them before – getting a roasting they’ll never forget. Netflix Is A Joke presents Jonas Brothers Family Roast with host Kenan Thompson, special guests Pete Davidson, Niall Horan, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Lilly Singh, Jack Whitehall, and more, plus sketches, songs, and games. November 23rd, only on Netflix.



via Collider

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