‘Luther’ and ‘The Office’ Set to Be Adapted in Scandinavia!!

Even though hit shows like Luther and The Office have ended on their respective networks years ago, the legacy of both series lives on. Not only because of scenes and memes we reproduce to this day and countless rewatches, but also because they get adapted to other countries with a surprising frequency.

The latest country to add the thriller detective and the comedy series to their roster of original programming is Scandinavia. This happened after BBC Studios Nordics made a deal with Take Two Studios and STV Productions. According to the Head of BBC Studios Nordics, Jan Salling, the production of original dramas is growing in the Nordic market and there’s no time like the present to adapt some fan-favorite shows to local audiences.

STV is set to co-produce The Office. The mockumentary comedy series originally aired on BBC Two and was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. It was critically acclaimed, but the American version really took the format to the next level, extending it to a nine-season juggernaut comedy series that aired on NBC and made the careers of people like Steve Carell and John Krasinski. The show has since been adapted to several countries, including Chile, France, Israel, and India.

Meanwhile, Take Two Studios is responsible for bringing the Scandinavian version of Luther to life. The series follows a highly intelligent and intuitive detective that was originally played by Idris Elba. It was also sold to several countries, including Russia, South Korea, and France. An Indian adaptation is currently underway.

Take Two will also adapt Doctor Foster, the hit British TV series that also spawned versions in Russia, India, and France, with a Philippines adaptation underway. The South Korean version of the show made history after it became the highest-rated drama in cable TV in the History of the country.

BBC Studios Nordics, STV, and Take Two have not disclosed when the productions start nor any release dates.


via Collider

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