’Cars on the Road’: Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy to Return for Disney+ Series!!

Lightning McQueen and Mater will soon be racing onto TV screens. As part of Disney+ Day, Disney has revealed that Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy will return in the upcoming Cars on the Road series, based on the Pixar Cars film series.

Wilson will once again voice Lightning McQueen, and Larry the Cable Guy will also be reprising his role as McQueen’s best friend Mater. In addition to the casting news, Disney released an official logo for the series, as well as production images. The images show the Cars characters in different scenarios, including Lightning McQueen and Mater being chased by dinosaur-styled cars.

The series was previously announced in December 2020 during the Pixar segment of the Disney Investor Day presentation. In that original announcement, the show was described as “Lightning McQueen and Mater on a road trip across the country.” It was also announced that the series would feature a combination of both old characters from the film series, as well as new ones.

During an interview with Collider for Cars 3 in 2017, producers Kevin Reher and Andrea Warren talked about the possibility of expanding the franchise. “People ask, is there a Cars 4?,’ and I say, ‘If there’s a story.’ But also, you want it to be the right story,” said Reher.

Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy first started voicing the characters in the original 2006 Pixar film, directed by John Lasseter. It was followed by the second film in 2011 (also directed by Lasseter) and the third in 2017 (directed by Brian Fee). The franchise also expanded to television in the Car Toons series. Characters from the Cars series were also featured earlier this year in the shorts Dancing with the Cars and Unparalleled Parking as part of the Pixar Popcorn series on Disney+.

Cars on the Road will premiere on Disney+ in 2022. In the meantime, fans can watch the Cars trilogy on Disney+ and other home media formats. Check out the Cars on the Road announcement tweet below.


via Collider

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