‘The Star of Malta’: ‘Naked Gun’ Creator David Zucker to Spoof Noir Movies in Next!!

David Zucker is back in action and getting ready to bring us some new spoof content, specifically in the genres of film noir and capers, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Surely, we are serious (and don’t call us Shirley!) that the director that brought us classic spoof films like Airplane! and even ventured into a franchise opportunity with the Scary Movie collection is back to bring us more laughs and quotable lines. Teaming up once again with creatives Pat Proft and Michael McManus along with production company, RainMaker Films (Stowaway, Separation), Zucker will bring us The Star of Malta, a film set in the 1940s.

The movie will tell the story of a top-tier ring fighter named Joe Medina who was locked up for delivering a deadly blow to his opponent during a fight. After his time is served, Joe leaves jail to find his lost love, Harriet Evans, who has migrated to Hollywood. As the fighter makes his way across the country in search of the woman he loves, he stumbles upon a long thought lost gemstone. The powerful Star of Malta harbors its own secrets, being a damned stone that leads those that have it in their possession to slaughter everyone around them. With the gem in hand, Joe continues his doomed journey murdering those that cross his path all because of this chance encounter with the accursed stone.

Proft, who created the much loved Police Academy flicks and with whom Zucker partnered up with on a few of both the Scary Movie and Naked Gun films, and McManus, who was part of the team on Hot Shots Part Deux and Mafia!, will co-write the script with Zucker, who serves as the film’s director.

A true legend of the spoof genre, Zucker has both written and directed many films that are considered classics today. Zucker served as both director and co-writer for the 1980s hits Airplane!, Top Secret!, and The Naked Gun as well as its two sequels. Proft joined with Zucker to co-write The Naked Gun trilogy and jumped in with him once again in the 2000s when the comedy team happily took over the Scary Movie franchises. All their hard work has certainly paid off as the duo’s films as a whole have brought in over a whopping $1 billion at the global box office.

Between well-written scripts, hiring the best comedic actors in the industry, and creating some of the most quotable lines in the history of film, we can’t wait to see what The Star of Malta will bring to the great world of spoof films by Zucker, Proft, and McManus.


via Collider

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