‘Catwoman’: Halle Berry Wants to Direct a Remake!!

In a world full of remakes and reboots, Halle Berry has said that she would like to bring directing skills to a remake of her 2004 box office failure Catwoman, in which she starred as the titular crime-fighting (kind of) character. During an interview with Jake’s Takes that centered around her directorial breakout in Bruised, the actress was asked what film she would like to recreate knowing what she knows now as a director. Berry, without hesitation and with a laugh, said that Catwoman would be an ideal film for her to revisit with her directorial eye.

Berry said she would jump at the chance to “reimagine” Catwoman as she reimagined Bruised, which was initially written for a 25-year-old white Irish Catholic woman. She goes on to say that she would like to have a “redo” on the film that disappointed both die-hard fans and critics alike.

When asked more about what changes she would make, the Oscar-winning actress says she would “have Catwoman saving the world like most male superheroes do and not just saving women from their faces cracking off,” Berry starts to laugh as she mentions this last bit, acknowledging the patriarchal lens that the 2004 flop was shot through. She also adds that she would like to make it “more inclusive of both men and women.”

The superhero fandom is full of tough critics, but Catwoman was disliked by viewers beyond the fandom as well. The movie took on a life of its own, departing from much of the comic book background that the heroine was known for. The next time we saw Selina Kyle aka Catwoman on our screens was in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises when Anne Hathaway donned the cat-suit as a well-trained cat burglar attempting to start a new life for herself and leave her old ways behind. Our last check-in with the character was in The Lego Batman Movie in which she played the role of Batman’s hot and cold foe and love interest. We will soon see a new rendition of the heroine, as Zoë Kravitz will be portraying the character in Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring opposite Robert Pattinson.

While much is yet to be revealed about the high climbing antihero and her upcoming spot in The Batman, we sure hope that Berry gets the rights to bring her creative and forward-thinking ideas to the screen and recreate the flop that was Catwoman. Meanwhile, Berry‘s directorial debut Bruised comes to Netflix on November 24.


via Collider

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