‘Under Siege’: HBO Max Working on Reboot From Director Timo Tjahjanto!!

Another ass-kicking reboot is headed our way. Deadline reports that plans for a remake of the iconic 1992 Steven Seagal-led action film Under Siege have already begun at Warner Bros. Spearheaded by director Timo Tjahjanto and writer Umair Aleem, the film is in the works for HBO Max.

The 1992 movie centered around Casey Ryback (Seagal) a one time Navy Seal who is now a cook working on the battleship USS Missouri. After being punished by an Executive Officer for preparing a dinner for a Commanding Officer’s birthday who was already having a meal and entertainment delivered by helicopter, Ryback is punished by being put in a freezer. Shortly after, Ryback hears a scuffle on deck. It turns out the caterers and band that were brought in are actually a group of hired soldiers led by an ex CIA agent (Tommy Lee Jones) and now the ship is indeed Under Siege, with only Ryback to stop them.

The original film, which was directed by Andrew Davis, raked in over $156 million globally when it was released and earned itself a somewhat less loved sequel, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, which still managed to make over $104 million globally.

Tjahjanto made his directorial debut working on the V/H/S/2’s segment, “Safe Haven.” The Indonesian filmmaker moved on next to direct The Night Comes for Us and May the Devil Take You, which are both currently streamable on Netflix. His next project will be a remake of the Korean horror flick Train to Busan, called Last Train to New York.

Aleem previously wrote Kate, a Netflix movie about an assassin that is given a lethal dose of poison and has less than a day to carry out revenge on her attacker before she dies. The film starred Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Woody Harrelson. Aleem has also been staying busy writing and selling his own pieces including an action-based script titled The Paladin and a screenplay entitled The Beast.

We have a lot to look forward to with the knowledge that this talented duo is working away on a reboot of one of our favorite action packed blockbusters. It has yet to be seen if Seagal will come back to reprise his role or if the film will feature him, Jones, or the other film’s star Gary Busey for a cameo in the remake (please give us a Busey cameo!). There is no release date yet for the Under Siege reboot.


via Collider

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