‘Dual’: First Image Teases the Karen Gillan led Sci-Fi Thriller!! Check It Out!!

In a first look courtesy of IMDb and her own personal Twitter, Karen Gillan (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle), gave fans waiting in anticipation for the upcoming sci-fi thriller film, Dual, a first look at her and castmate, Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad).

The film, which was written, produced, and directed by Riley Stearns (The Art of Self-Defense), will use satire along with its roots in science fiction to tell the story of Sara (Gillan), a woman who lives in the near future and has recently received the bad news that a sickness she has been living with is terminal. Thinking about the future of her family and the emotional distress they will go through in losing her, Sara jumps at the opportunity to have herself cloned. She takes the clone under her wing to be sure that it is not only an exact physical representation, but also has her mannerisms and other personality features.

In an inexplicable turn around, Sara beats her end of life diagnosis. Though this is a cause for celebration, things turn sour quickly as by the laws of this futuristic time period, when a clone is created, a time is set for the human version to expire. Therefore, humans and clones can only survive together for a certain amount of time due to legality issues, and also probably due to it being very confusing for all those surrounded by the duo. For Sara, this means that she must battle her clone to the death in order to stand alone as the one true Sara.

In the sneak peek photo, we see Sara holding a long-bladed saber in her left hand and a round shield in her right. Facing her down, is a dummy version of her clone, all clad in black, with a mirror as its head, reflecting Sara’s troubled face back at her. The practice replica of the clone is also grasping nunchucks in its raised right hand, ready to duel it out with the woman. Standing between the film’s main character and the imitation clone Paul. While we don’t entirely know his role or his character’s name, he looks to have a tight relationship with Gillan’s character as he is standing close to her, reflecting a worried, but determined expression back at her. The photo looks like he may be giving her training lessons as he stands in front of her with his hands clasped at his waist.

While the action film doesn’t have a release date quite yet, we can also expect to see the talents of Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Beulah Koale (Hawaii Five-O), and Martha Kelly (Baskets) starring alongside Paul and Gillan in this fight to the death sci-fi feature.


via Collider

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