‘A Very British Scandal’ Gets First Trailer!! Check It Out!!

BBC has unveiled the trailer for A Very British Scandal, a miniseries starring Claire Foy (The Crown) and Paul Bettany (WandaVision), about one of the most famous divorce stories in Europe. The story follows the Duke and Duchess of Argyll in the 1960s. The couple decided to call it quits and a brutal court case ensued, unveiling evidence of infidelity, forgery, theft, bribery, and several other crimes.

The trailer reveals what we already expected: the series will be a look at how a woman’s life gets put under a microscope and how easy it is to ruin a female reputation, as opposed to how a man’s behavior gets taken into account in the very same situation. The trailer also suggests the Duchess will play out as being ahead of her time, talking openly about sex and not afraid to speak her mind.

Also revealed by the trailer is the fact that A Very British Scandal will get down and dirty to the nitty-gritty of the public divorce case, playing like a threatening thriller at times, and boiling down to a true case of Argyll vs. Argyll, with emphasis on the versus.

A Very British Scandal is the sequel series to an anthology that started with Emmy-winning A Very English Scandal, starring Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw. The 2018 miniseries tells another story that made British headlines, of a Liberal Party leader who was accused of trying to murder his ex-lover.

The new series is written and produced by Sarah Phelps (Dublin Murders, EastEnders) and directed by Anne Sewitsky (Castle Rock, Black Mirror). In the UK, the three episodes will debut on BBC One and BBC iPlayer, while in North America, Australia and New Zealand viewers will be able to stream it on Prime Video.

BBC premieres A Very British Scandal on December 26. You can watch the trailer below:

via Collider

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