‘Diary of a Future President’ Canceled After Two Seasons!!

Diary of a Future President key art
CR: Disney+

Disney+ has voted to not continue its bid for Diary of a Future President. Today, the series’ creator and executive producer, Ilana Peña, took to Twitter to deliver the news to fans of the two-season series.

In her statement, Peña said, “We found out that #diaryofafuturepresident is not moving forward with a season 3 at Disney+.”Peña added that the cast and crew would “love to continue telling the story” and that she is “filled with so much gratitude” for being able to bring her story to the world for its two-season run. She goes on to thank the show’s cast, crew, and fans, giving extra props to the cast and crew for being able to bring the series to the screen despite ongoing complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She rounds out her statement by mentioning that she created the show for her “younger self” and hopes that she “made her proud.”

The series was a look into the life of a teenage girl named Elena (Tess Romero). Based on Peña’s own childhood happenings, the series saw Elena and her best friend, Sasha (Carmina Garay) grapple with the never-ending highs and lows of junior high, all while Elena chased her dream of someday becoming the president of the United States.

Based in Miami, the story also focused on Elena’s home life as audiences got to know the young woman’s family including her successful attorney mother, Gabi (Selenis Leyva), Gabi’s fresh and exciting romantic relationship with her coworker, Sam (Michael Weaver), and Elena’s brother Bobby (Charlie Bushnell), a teen dealing with his own emotional struggles as he begins to discover his sexuality. The series also starred Jessica Marie Garcia (On My Block) as Gabi’s coworker, Camila, and Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin) as a future, grown-up version of Elena. Rodriguez joined Peña as an executive producer alongside CBS Television Studios and I Can and I Will Productions.

While audiences won’t get the full story of how she got there, we do know that Elena reaches her presidential goals, as in the pilot episode, we see the future version of the lead character, played by Rodriguez, at her inauguration ceremony. Even though we are sad to see that this family-friendly story based on a determined young woman won’t be back for a Season 3, we can at least hold onto the positive message and driven attitude behind the story. Keep scrolling to see Peña’s full Twitter post about her series coming to an end.

via Collider

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