Fox Developing Sitcom Based on Life of D.L. Hughley!!!

If you’re of the slightly older generation among us — sorry, early Millennials — you might recall the sitcom The Hughleys, which aired on ABC (and, later, UPN) across four seasons at the turn of the century. Well, it seems like star D.L. Hughley, known presently for his political commentary, stand-up, and authorship, is turning back the clock: Variety has learned that the comic is developing a new sitcom based on his life at Fox, with Hughley at the helm as executive producer.

The show is set to follow Hughley‘s fictionalised — but tumultuous — home life, with Variety‘s synopsis describing him as “free at work, but under siege at home”. And who amongst us isn’t? Owen Smith will be co-creator, as well as writer and executive producer. Michael Rotenberg and Dave Becky of 3 Arts will also executive produce the show, along with the president of the NAACP/CBS Studios joint partnership, Sheila Ducksworth.

Smith has a number of comedic TV projects under his belt already, including the likes of hits such as The Last OG, Blash-ish, Survivor’s Remorse, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, and Are We There Yet? Like the upcoming series’ eponymous star, he’s too a stand-up comedian and has released multiple comedy specials.

Hughley has boasted an eclectic career spanning multiple platforms and formats, from radio to TV, although he’s arguably best known for his work on the stand-up stage. After The Hughleys, he starred in shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Heartbeat. Most recently, he put on the hosting hat for TV One talk show The DL Hughley Show — wouldn’t you have guessed? — and has hosted a number of radio programmes.

He hit headlines back in 2020 with his typically ruthless candor on Kanye West‘s then-inflamatory political takes. “What Kanye does that I despise is he constantly puts an asterisk next to slavery,” the multi-hyphenate star said. “Like it wasn’t that bad. He and Donald Trump are exactly the same kind of people,” he continues. “They are demigods, they are narcissists, neither of them read, and I’ve seen both of their wives naked.” Well, if that last rejoinder doesn’t sell you on his comedic chops, we guess nothing will.

The upcoming show’s synopsis is as follows:

“In the show, unfiltered, unapologetic, and opinionated radio host DL Hughley is free at work but under siege at home as he navigates life as a husband and father to an LGBTQ+ daughter, a son on the autism spectrum whose white girlfriend lives with them, and another daughter who can’t leave his credit card alone.”


via Collider

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