‘Ramble On’: ‘Entourage’ Actors Kevin Connoly, Kevin Dillon and Charlie Sheen to Play Themselves in New Series!!

After becoming famous for playing Hollywood A-listers, the cast of Entourage can now do what several guest stars did on their show: play themselves. The long-running HBO series creator and showrunner Doug Ellin is once again teaming up with some of his cast and Charlie Sheen in order to bring together a new series called Ramble On. The series is set in Hollywood and chronicles established stars looking to reinvent their careers, so the choice of protagonist seems more than appropriate.

Under the radar ever since his explosive exit from CBS’s long-running hit comedy series Two and a Half Men, Sheen certainly is a good fit as a famous Hollywood star in search of a reinvention, and should the four-time Emmy nominee be able to reprise his deadpan comedy timing, Ramble On could become one upcoming series to keep an eye on.

Not that Ellin is putting all his eggs in a single Sheen-shaped basket: in true, Hollywood fashion, Ramble On will keep its eye on what’s hot to integrate the story and make it a must-see, which means that new technology will be prominent in some form, as well as NFTs. Producer Ted Foxman stated that he wants Ramble On to headline a “paradigm shift in the way television and film content is produced”, and we might discover exactly what he means soon, since the pilot episode is already wrapping up production.

In the era of streaming competition, during which Netflix, Amazon, Disney, HBO, and many other production platforms fight hard in order to find compelling stories and the next big hit, Ramble On may become a flagship series when it comes to content, should Foxman’s expectations be met by the upcoming show’s production.

In an official statement, series creator Ellin revealed he’s been thinking about the project for some time and felt humbled when his former cast and crew said they were on board, even though almost a decade has passed since they finished working on Entourage:

“This idea has been spinning in my head for years and seeing it come to life is incredible. I feel beyond grateful that so many of my ‘Entourage’ crew and cast members, along with some of the most talented, comedic forces in the industry, have joined us on this exciting new journey. We cannot wait to share this with the world.”

Aside from Sheen, Ellin also recruited Martin Sheen, Charlie’s father, to be in the series. The cast of Ramble On also features former Entourage stars Kevin Connoly and Kevin Dillon, as well as Kimiko Glenn (Orange is the New Black), Bre-Z (All American), John C. McGinley (Scrubs), Jamie-Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos), James Hiroyuki Liao (The Dropout), Harvey Guillén (What We Do In The Shadows), and Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty).

Entourage ran for eight seasons on HBO and accumulated dozens of awards throughout its run, including six Emmys. The series had several famous Hollywood stars playing themselves (or heightened versions of themselves), such as Matt Damon, Snoop Dogg, Anthony Anderson, Christina Aguillera, Eminem, Stan Lee, Bob Saget, and many, many (many, many many) others.

Ramble On is yet to get a release date.

Update: Where To Watch Ramble On For Free Online? The Latest Comedy Drama!

via Collider

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