‘Vinyl Nation’ Trailer Highlights the Rise and Resurgence of Records!! Check It Out!!

Music fans will soon have a new look at the history of vinyl. 1091 Pictures has released a new trailer for the upcoming documentary film Vinyl Nation, a film that investigates the history of the medium and its resurgence in popularity in the mid-2010s.

The trailer begins with people talking about how special it is to actually have a physical copy of their music on vinyl, including the feeling of putting the turntable’s needle on the record for the first time, or the thrill of thinking about what could be found in a record shop, a feeling that can’t be duplicated with a digital music file. Various contributors talk about how collecting vinyl connects people from different areas of life through their love for music and the format.

The trailer then shifts its focus by talking about the history of vinyl. It then talks about how the introduction of CDs hurt record sales, despite how some music collectors felt that the vinyl format didn’t need to be changed. The popularity of the iPod hurt records even more, with one person being interviewed discussing how people would sell their entire record collection, along with their turntable. But all that changed with a recent resurgence in popularity for the format, with people buying physical music and gaining friendships from their trips to record stores.

Vinyl Nation was directed by Kevin Smokler and Christopher Boone. The duo were also producers for the film. The documentary features contributions from a number of vinyl collectors, including Judy Mills, Ashley C. Ford, Kelly Stacy, John Vanderslice, Kutmasta Kurt, Alyson Baker, Kelley Stoltz, Ben Blackwell, Billy Fields, Roz Lee, Ashleyanne Krigbaum.

The recent popularity in vinyl has lead to the soundtracks of many films to also be released in the format. Earlier this month, it was announced that Michael Giacchino‘s soundtrack for The Batman would be released on vinyl in a three disc set. Also this year, it was announced that Giacchino‘s score for director Gareth Edwards‘ 2016 film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would be released in a four disc set to celebrate the film’s fifth anniversary. Collecting vinyl has also recently been featured in film and television. One example is the series Titans, where Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) became friends with Deathstroke’s son Jericho (Chella Man) over their hobby of collecting records.

Vinyl Nation is scheduled to be released on Video On Demand on April 19. In the meantime, check out the documentary film’s new trailer below:


via Collider

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