‘The Guest 2’: Adam Wingard’s Cult Classic is Getting a Musical Sequel!!

The press release promises that, despite it being April 1, this one is very much not a joke — a more subversive concept, and we’re kinda into it.

Director Adam Wingard is now known for helming blockbuster movies like Godzilla vs. Kong, but back in 2014, he made a great little action-thriller starring Dan Stevens and Lance Reddick, The Guest, which did the film festival rounds to great critical success. Now, fascinatingly enough, a sequel is on its way — but not in the way you’d expect.

We’re not getting a Guest 2 movie… we’re getting a sonic sequel by the name of Adam Wingard Presents: The Guest 2. Featuring music from eleven bands, including the likes of Steve Moore and Lone Runner, the album will continue the stories of David, Anna, Brendan and Major Carver, as we learn what became of the group after the events of The Guest. It’s certainly different!

Wingard said:

“Over the years, I’ve received more requests from fans to make a sequel to The Guest than any other movie in my filmography- I am now proud to say it has finally arrived. The Guest 2 is a first of its kind; an aural sequel to the feature film. Embedded within the song titles, the album artwork, and the music itself are hidden clues that lead the listener down the path a sequel would take. If you take the time to fully absorb this work, one could imagine how the story unfolds.”

Moore said:

“For The Guest Returns I revisited some of the main themes I wrote for the original film. The idea was that this would have been a bigger production, bigger budget, so I’ve tried to expand on these themes in a way that gives them a larger scope. Lots of synths but also a heavy orchestral component, and new motifs that layer over the original themes.”

Here’s a full tracklist for Adam Wingard Presents: The Guest 2:

01. Ident / Swerve and Steer – OGRE Sound

02. The Guest Returns – Steve Moore

03. Love, Extended – Majeure

04. Old Habits – Makeup And Vanity Set

05. Hardwired – Jordan F

06. Just Run – Ghost Cop

07. Grim Showdown – Adam Wingard

08. Carver’s War Machine – John Bergin

09. The Core of the Night – Ainoma

10. You’ve Got The Armory, I’ve Got The Time – Xander Harris

11. Heatflow – Lone Runner

12. David vs. The Splinters of the Cross – Steve Moore

In case you need to jog your memory, here’s the official synopsis for The Guest:

“A string of mysterious deaths leads a teenager to become suspicious of a soldier (Dan Stevens) who showed up on her family’s doorstep and claimed to be a friend of her dead brother.”

via Collider

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