‘Station Eleven’ Team Set to Adapt ‘The Glass Hotel’ and ‘Sea of Tranquility’ Next!!!

Emily St. John Mandel and Patrick Somerville gave audiences a pandemic show they could handle with Station Eleven in a way that captivated us on HBO Max. According to Deadline, now, the two are gearing up to bring us adaptations on the streaming service of St. John Mandel‘s recent book The Glass Hotel and her upcoming novel Sea of Tranquility.

Paramount TV Studios, which is producing the Station Eleven series, also optioned both The Glass Hotel and Sea of Tranquility and is producing the two new series. They’re both supposedly seen separate from Station Eleven and will not be sequels of the hit show.

Station Eleven starred Mackenzie Davis as Kirsten, an actor (with Matilda Lawler as the younger version of Kirsten) who was performing in a production of King Lear when a virus came through, killing large numbers of the population and forcing the world into a post-apocalyptic outlook. The series was, surprisingly, uplifting to watch given the last two years we’ve all experienced and so it is exciting to see St. John Mandel and Somerville team up again.

Somerville wrote and was the showrunner for Station Eleven and, this time around, he and St. John Mandel will be co-writing both new series. The two will also reunite in producing the new shows along with David Eisenberg for his production company with Somerville called Tractor Beam, Jessica Rhoades with her Pacesetter Productions, Scott Steindorff and Dylan Russell for Stone Village Television, Hiro Murai and Nate Matteson with their banner Super Frog, and Scott Delman for his Shadowfox Production.

“Emily has a stunning new book about to come out called Sea of Tranquility,” Somerville said in a tweet when St. John Mandel revealed the adaptations in a New Yorker profile. “It has the moon, time travel, and futuristic book tours, I think I’ve made it clear I’m a big fan of one of her earlier novels, but I gotta say— this is my favorite Emily novel. It’s… incredible.”

If The Glass Hotel and Sea of Tranquility are anything like the HBO Max adaptation of Station Eleven, we’re in for quite a world. Station Eleven defied our ideas of what we could handle in regard to pandemic content, but it showed us all the beauty of art, William Shakespeare, and community. Hopefully having both St. John Mandel and Somerville back for both The Glass Hotel and Sea of Tranquility will give us that same kind of success.

via Collider

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