‘Not So Pretty’ Trailer Teases the Keke Palmer Narrated Beauty Industry HBO Max Docuseries!! Check It Out!!

Self-care is all about taking the time to be kind to yourself and treat your body with love. After all, we all only have one body to carry us through life, and maintaining its upkeep can knock out complications down the road. But, what happens when our goals and the goals of the people selling us our products don’t match up? That’s precisely what HBO Max is going to delve into during their original documentary, Not So Pretty. On April 14, narrator Keke Palmer and Academy Award-nominated filmmakers, Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering are going to take viewers down a rabbit hole, showing them the darker side of the beauty industry.

In an upbeat trailer released just a week ahead of the four-part docuseries’ debut, we’re given a look at what to expect from the upcoming documentary. With Palmer as our guide, viewers are taken through the $140 billion a year industry, with the curtain immediately pulled back to reveal its seedy underbelly. From product users’ hair falling out in clumps to skin falling off hands, the film promises to not hold back on any of the nitty-gritty details.

But wait — it gets so much worse! Unbeknownst to many, chemical regulations are incredibly lax in the beauty industry — as in not really there at all. And if you think that’s bad, just wait until you hear what they’ve found in certain product chemical mixtures. The rest of the teaser is a veritable horror show as the self-care routines we know and love get the third degree from professionals hoping to make a difference.

Also hoping to make a difference is Palmer. Like many of the audiences who will be sitting at home watching the events unfold with their jaws dropped to the floor, Palmer was also saying Nope as she worked on the piece. In a statement released with the trailer announcement, the Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress said:

“I’m big on self help and in order to best help yourself, you need information. I can’t tell you how much I learned from working on Not So Pretty. Each session inspired an OMG I HAD NO IDEA moment and then I became relieved to be a part of something that can help break these myths and encourage personal autonomy within the beauty industry which can only come with knowledge. You can’t choose wisely when you don’t know what to look for! This show will illuminate that and it’s really empowering.”

Check out the trailer for Not So Pretty below and be sure to check out the full documentary when it lands on HBO Max on April 14. And while you’re at it, maybe hold off on that skincare routine for now.

via Collider

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