‘Raising Dion’ Cancelled After Two Seasons!!

Netflix series Raising Dion has been officially canceled after just two seasons. The show first premiered in 2019 and ended with the last season airing in February earlier this year. Actress Sammi Haney made the announcement on social media, stating: “Sad to say that Raising Dion is CANCELED. Thank you for all of the amazing support we got from all of our wonderful fans! Season 2 was a success, equal to Season 1, even if just looking at how many people watched all of it and wanted a season 3!” She also went on to talk about her readiness to pursue other roles, saying that was the “only silver lining” regarding the cancellation.

Audiences first caught Raising Dion on Netflix in 2019 when the first season aired late that year. Based on the 2015 comic book series and short film by Dennis Liu, the series brought a unique spin to the superhero story. The plot followed Nicole, a single mom whose son, Dion, begins to develop magical powers and superhero abilities. Unable to explain this strange turn of events, Nicole fights to keep her son’s abilities a secret from the public and those who might otherwise wish to exploit the boy. She also seeks out the source of her son’s powers, which might have something to do with her deceased husband, an aurora event, and a character known as the Crooked Man.

Alongside Haney, the series featured the acting talents of Ja’Siah Young as Dion, Alisha Wainwright as Nicole Reese, Jazmyn Simon as Kat Neese, Jason Ritter as Pat Rollins, Griffin Robert Faulkner as Brayden Mills, and Ali Ahn as Suzanne Wu. Recurring cast members included Michael B. Jordan as Mark Warren, Dana Gourrier as Tessa, Marc Menchaca as Walter Mills, and more. Raising Dion was created by Emmy-winning writer Carol Denise Barbee, known for her work on Judging Amy, where she also served as executive producer, and the TNT series, Falling Skies.

The Netflix adaptation of Raising Dion offered an original twist to the family drama genre, and it also managed to be a solid superhero story not attached to Marvel or DC, as well as having wonderful acting from the cast. Fans of the show are sure to miss the series, as judged by the reactions on social media so far, but with such levels of talent involved, this definitely won’t be the last time audiences will get to see this crew showing off their superb acting abilities. So, keep an eye out for more from the series’ lineup in front of and behind the camera going forward!


via Collider

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