‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ Trailer Reveals Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone’s Netflix Comedy Series!! Check It Out!!

Hey — can somebody see that strange ray of light beaming through the clouds? Netflix revealed today the first trailer for Ben Falcone‘s Melissa McCarthy-starring comedy series God’s Favorite Idiot, a quip-laden take on the Bruce Almighty (and, indeed, Little Nicky) blueprint: dude gets hit by a lightning bolt, starts glowing and, subsequently, has a crazy religious experience.

The series looks like a fun romp from Falcone and McCarthy, the latter of whom won a lot of belated critical appreciation for her starring role in the Lee Israel biopic Can You Ever Forgive Me?, taking it all the way to a Best Actress nomination at the Oscars in 2019. Based on the tone of this one, it doesn’t look to be such a sure-fire awards hit, but hey — it seems eminently watchable, and McCarthy‘s at her comedic best.

Falcone and McCarthy executive produced God’s Favorite Idiot via their production company On The Day. The wider cast includes Leslie Bibb, Kevin Dunn, Usman Ally, Steve Mallory, Chris Sandiford, Ana Scotney and Yanic Truesdale.

It’s produced by, and stars, the Falcone-McCarthy husband and wife duo, and shot around Byron Bay and Ballina in Australia back in March last year. Notably, The Guardian reported last year that shooting on the series had been cut early, with only eight of the previously planned sixteen episodes being shot. Netflix declined to comment at the time, and it’s still unclear as to why production was closed early.

Notably, it wasn’t the only production to be affected at the time, with protests disrupting the filming of controversial reality series Byron Baes. It’s unknown whether said protests had any impact on the filming of God’s Favorite Idiot, however.

Here’s the official synopsis for God’s Favorite Idiot:

“Clark Thompson (Ben Falcone) is a mid-level tech support employee, who takes saunas with his dad, Gene (Kevin Dunn), pines after his co-worker Amily (Melissa McCarthy), and loves his cats. When he starts to glow, he begins to realize this isn’t an average day at the office and God has bigger plans for him. Clark can’t save mankind by himself, he must gather his flock of mismatched co-workers, his longtime crush Amily and angelic allies to outwit Satan herself (Leslie Bibb). Together, they’re just a bunch of average humans coming together for the greater good because, after all, you can’t save the world alone.”

God’s Favorite Idiot arrives on Netflix June 15. In the meantime, check out the trailer below:


via Collider

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