‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Trailer Teases the New Jenny Han Series Adaptation!! Check It Out!!

Fans of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before have a new Jenny Han adaptation to look forward to, this time in the form of a TV series. The Summer I Turned Pretty is based on Han’s bestselling YA novel of the same name, and it will premiere this June on Prime Video. With just over two weeks left until release, Prime Video has released a new trailer.

The trailer opens with the show’s main character Belly (Lola Tung) telling viewers, through narration, about a yearly summer beach trip her family takes with her mom’s best friend, who happens to have two sons around Belly’s age – Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno). Belly then sets up the main storyline of the show as she explains that while Conrad and Jeremiah have only seen her as a little kid, something changes with this latest trip: they now find Belly attractive. Soon, their mother (Rachel Blanchard) scores Belly an invitation to become a debutante, and both Conrad and Jeremiah are viable escort options for the encroaching debutante ball. As the trailer continues, Belly’s narration introduces the ensuing love triangle.

Backed by Taylor Swift‘s “This Love (Taylor’s Version)”, the trailer previews a YA romance series worth watching as it hits on the feeling of a fun summer filled with friendship, love, and heartache. In the trailer’s brief time frame, viewers not only experience Belly’s excitement for the events that lie ahead, but also her reluctance on the Conrad versus Jeremiah front. The trailer also provides glimpses of other important relationships in her life such as her mother and her close friends.

The Summer I Turned Pretty stars Tung, Briney, Casalegno, Blanchard, Jackie Chung as Laurel, Sean Kaufman as Steven, Alfredo Narciso as Cleveland, Minnie Mills as Shayla, Colin Ferguson as John Conklin, and Tom Everett Scott as Adam Fisher. It was developed by Han, who wrote the pilot episode, and Gabrielle Stanton; both Han and Stanton serve as showrunners. Han, Stanton, Karen Rosenfelt, Hope Hartman, Mads Hansen, and Nne Ebong serve as executive producers. The series is an Amazon Studios and wiip co-production.

The official synopsis reads:

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ is a multigenerational drama that hinges on a love triangle between one girl and two brothers, the ever-evolving relationship between mothers and their children, and the enduring power of strong female friendship. It is a coming-of-age story about first love, first heartbreak, and the magic of that one perfect summer.

The Summer I Turned Pretty arrives on Prime Video on June 17. Watch the official trailer below:


via Collider

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