‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Poster Teases A24’s New Bloody Horror!! Check It Out!!

Over the last few years, horror fans have been treated to some really great slashers. It’s like we’ve been in the 80s all over again, but with a focus on quality over quantity. The next slasher that looks to continue the sub-genre’s upward trend is A24’s Bodies Bodies Bodies. The horror comedy releases in August and just received a new poster full of suspects.

The poster features all the main characters and follows the same neon aesthetic seen in the film’s trailer released a few months back. Rachel Sennott’s Alice, Chase Sui Wonders’ Emma, Amandla Stenberg’s Sophie, Maria Bakalova’s Bee, Pete Davidson’s David, Myha’la Herrold’s Jordan, and Lee Pace’s Greg are all shown in the dark. They are only lit up by their glow sticks and phone flashlights as they anxiously look around to see whose next. In the middle is Davidson who can be humorously seen with a machete. This is most likely playing into his “red herring” status in the film.

Bodies Bodies Bodies has a classic sounding set up of a rich group of young adults who throw a party during a hurricane which goes horribly wrong. From the previous trailer, the film presents a compelling whodunit full of murder, absurd characters, and a lot of blood-filled humor. It’s kind of like if Radio Silence’s Ready or Not and Wes Craven’s Scream had a baby.

However, the one thing this new poster does really well is show off its killer ensemble cast. Of course, the immense star power of Davidson is going to help this film, but other lesser-known actresses like Sennott or Bakalova might be the MVP of this slasher. Bakalova has already proven she has great comedic chops in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm where she received an Oscar nomination for her brilliant role as Borat’s daughter. On the other hand, Sennett starred in last year’s criminally underrated comedy masterpiece Shiva Baby. This cast has so much talent, and it’s going to be exciting to see how the film balances the humor with classic slasher thrills.

Films like Freaky and Happy Death Day are amazing horror comedies that have been a part of this modern horror renaissance genre fans have been basking in lately. Halloween and Scream have also been a huge contributor to that, but there’s no better feeling for genre fans than when they experience a fresh new addition to the slasher library. A24 has been on a tear the last decade with films like The VVitch and Hereditary scaring the life-force out of its audience. This past March they went head first into the slasher genre with the throwback film X. For slasher fans, that film was a love letter to this blood-soaked sub-genre. Hopefully, Bodies Bodies Bodies continues A24’s reign on top of the horror food chain.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is directed by Halina Reijn from a screenplay by Sarah DeLappe and stabs its way to theaters on August 5, 2022. Until the murderous games begin, you can view the new mysterious poster down below.




via Collider

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