‘The Temps’: Andrew DeYoung’s Novel Adaption Coming to TV!!

A best-selling book is now finding its way to the small screen as Los Angeles Media Fund is developing an adaptation of the novel, The Temps, written by Andrew DeYoung. According to Deadline, the television series will be developed by Gabriel Bisset-Smith, who produced The Last Hours of Laura K, which was nominated for a BAFTA TV Craft award for Digital Creativity as well as Best Visual Experience at SXSW. He has also produced and directed several short films in the past such as Smoke, Last Night, and Thrush, which won him the Vimeo Best Narrative Award.

The Temps will be based on the novel written by DeYoung who previously wrote The Exo Project which won him the Minnesota Book Award. The book was published by Turner Publishing in March of earlier this year.

The story of The Temps centers around Jacob Young, who becomes trapped inside an office complex after a toxic gas leak. He and a couple of survivors band together until they make a startling discovery about the very company they worked for. The project will come together under Los Angeles Media Fund, which brought audiences films such as Shirley, The Bye Bye Man, and The Space Between Us.

Development of the show is still in its early stages. It remains unknown how closely the series will follow the book, but with a story from a talented writer paired up with the visionary imagination of Bisset-Smith, The Temps is already shaping up to be an exciting series for audiences.

Here’s the synopsis for the book:

Jacob Elliot doesn’t want a temporary job in the mailroom at Delphi Enterprises, but after two post-college years of unpaid internships and living in his parents’ basement, he needs the work. Then, on his first day, the unthinkable happens: toxic gas descends on a meeting in Delphi’s outdoor amphitheater, killing all the regular employees and leaving Jacob stranded inside the vast office complex.Wandering through Delphi headquarters, Jacob finds other survivors: Lauren, the disillusioned classics major who’s now writing online personality quizzes; Swati, the fitness instructor trying to escape a toxic relationship; and Dominic, the business school student who will do almost anything to get ahead. Stranded in the wreckage of the company that employed them, the temps band together to create a miniature world that’s part spring break, part office culture―until a shocking discovery disrupts the survivors’ self-made paradise and drives them to uncover the truth about the mysterious corporation that employed them and the apocalypse that brought their world to an end.A surprising, profound tribute to the absurdities and paranoia of modern life, The Temps is an epic exploration of survival and human connection in the digital age.

No release date for The Temps has been set.

via Collider

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