‘Maggie’ Series Trailer Sees a Psychic Accidentally Predict Her Own Romantic Future!! Check It Out!!

It’s officially the summer of love with a ton of new romantic offerings coming soon to a streaming service near you. One of those upcoming love stories to look out for is Maggie. The Hulu series premieres on July 6 and, with less than a month until its release, the streamer has given genre fans a glimpse into the future with a new trailer.

The trailer takes us through the general story of our main character Maggie, played by Rebecca Rittenhouse, who’s a psychic that accidentally sees her own romantic future when she reads a stranger’s palm. Maggie sees things like the two getting married and having kids. The only problem is the stranger named Ben is already in a relationship, and it’s only made worse by the fact that Ben is now neighbors with Maggie.

Overall, this series looks to be a very humorous take on destiny and finding your one “true love” while posing an interesting question. What’s the point of something like love if you know exactly how everything is going to play out? Maggie being an actual psychic and not the usual con artist also adds a lot of potential for the humor of the series. Throughout the trailer there are a handful of funny moments involving Maggie’s psychic abilities paired with some classic love infused genre imagery that is sure to make any hopeless romantic want to time travel to the future to see how this potential love story plays out. On top of that, all the characters seem really fun, the chemistry between Rittenhouse and David Del Rio who plays Ben looks pitch perfect, and just the thought of a psychic going to another psychic for help is sure to bring endless laughs.

Along with the new trailer, the series also debuted a new poster which sees Maggie up against a mirror in a dreamlike setting. The whole vibe of the show, at least from the poster and trailer, makes it feel like a more romantic fueled adult version of a series like That’s So Raven. There’s a lot of competition in the genre this season, but Maggie looks to have enough unique pieces and talent behind the project to make it stand out in a crowded market.

We won’t have to wait too long for Maggie’s future to come true as the series is premiering July 6 with all 13 of its episodes. Maggie was written and executive produced by Justin Adler and Maggie Mull. The series stars Rittenhouse, Del Rio, Nichole Sakura, Leonardo Nam, Angelique Cabral, Ray Ford, Chloe Bridges, Kerri Kenney, and Chris Elliott. While we wait for this new destined love story to enter our hearts, you can watch the new trailer below:


via Collider

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