‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Rises to #1 Spot on Prime Video!!

It’s been a big couple of weeks for author Jenny Han. The adaptation of her 2009 trilogy of bildungsroman books, the first titled The Summer I Turned Pretty, premiered on TV screens on June 17 and now, the debut season is No. 1 on Amazon Prime Video, the streaming service that brought the story to life.

The series, called the same name as the novels, follows teenager Isabel “Belly,” played by Lola Tung, and the loving three boys she’s grown up next to every Summer, Conrad played by Christopher Briney, Jeremiah played by Gavin Casalegno, and Steven played by Sean Kaufman. This Summer, however, Belly is turning 16-years-old and will see heartbreak and love firsthand. Tung and Briney are newcomers to the screen, as their portrayals of the love-sick, often ill-fated, wannabe couple are their first main character appearances. Casalegno, however, has been acting for 15 years, though the Texan native is only 22 years of age. He is best known for playing Trevor Strand in the CW’s Walker and Young Damon in The Vampire Diaries.

Han’s books, as well, have seen a bump in sales. In fact, all three novels of the series have taken the top three places in Amazon’s Best Sellers list. The second installment, titled It’s Not Summer Without You, has peaked at No. 1, as the first season follows the plot of the first book. Han says of the television adaptation, “I went into this adaptation hoping to please the book fans who’ve been waiting so patiently to see this story come on screen, but also hoping to connect with viewers who were coming to the show fresh. I think we’ve managed to do both, and there’s nothing more gratifying than that! It’s also really exciting that the show has brought a new generation of readers to the books, who are so eager to see where the story goes. It’s beyond thrilling to me that the story keeps finding its audience all these years later.”

Not only has the show and its book predecessor shot up the ranks, but the music that soundtracks Belly’s Summer of self-discovery has also seen strides in streaming counts. Taylor Swift, amidst her battle for the rights to her own songs, re-recorded her “1989” deluxe album’s extra song “This Love” for the series. Her songs “Cruel Summer” – which secured its largest streaming in 24 hours on Spotify since 2019 – and “False God” re-entered the Billboard’s Top 40 songs since their feature on Swift’s 2014 sunshiny “Lover” album. The bump in streaming of the seventh album of Swift’s career also brought it to the highest streaming spot in Swift’s discography.

In response to viewers’ streaming, the head of global television at Prime Video told Variety that, “We’ve been so impressed with the response and embrace of this series from young viewers as well as older generations as many co-view with the young people in their lives. These themes are universal, and we are really encouraged by the social chatter, the uptick in Jenny’s book sales, and Taylor Swift’s music from the series topping charts again. We certainly have a summer hit, and we’re so excited for even more audiences to find the show and talk about it.”

The series has already been renewed for a second season, though no launch date has been announced. Fans will have to wait a little longer for news of the second installment after waiting more than 10 years for the story to grace television screens.


via Collider

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