‘Stranger Things’ Crosses One Billion Viewing Hours on Netflix!!

Stranger Things Season 4 came to an epic close this past weekend. Fans are still recovering from the heart stopping finale and, while The Duffer Brothers have been teasing what’s up next for the popular horror series’ final season, season four just achieved another major milestone with the latest season crossing the billion hours watched mark. The season is at exactly 1.15 billion hours viewed as of now, and the anticipation for the final two episodes helped push the series past that historic mark, with 301 million hours viewed, with those two episodes specifically adding 220 million hours to the grand total between June 27 and July 3. This all comes after the first volume of the season reached 930 million hours viewed in its first 28 days.

Stranger Things is now only the second series for Netflix to be a part of the streamer’s billion hours viewed club. It is only behind Squid Game, which is at 1.6 billion hours viewed. At this time it’s highly unlikely that the horror series will catch up and pass Squid Game, but stranger things have happened. Season 4 has already had the biggest premiere weekend and best single week for any English-language show on Netflix. On top of that, the new season has also given a bump to Stranger Things’ past seasons. The first season was watched for 34.5 million hours, while both seasons two and three were watched for 30.3 million hours respectively this past week.

It’s safe to say that the world will have Stranger Things fever for the foreseeable future and for good reason. Season 4 took everything that worked in the first three great seasons and pushed them all to their most grandiose level. There were so many jaw-dropping twists, scenes of pure horror, emotionally heartfelt moments, and Vecna has quickly become one of the best villains in the genre’s history.

It’s rare for a series to have their best season as a show enters the latter half of its life, but Stranger Things has done the impossible. They made a brilliantly thrilling season that not only satisfyingly answers longstanding questions, but crafted a masterfully executed complex horror story that stands on its own as one of the best achievements of the modern genre. That success is reflected in the insane amount of hours people have been watching Season 4, and the social media buzz surrounding the series has only gotten stronger by the hour since Volume 2 premiered on July 1. That’s sure to further help the viewership numbers in the coming weeks.

While fans wait for the series to break even more records, you can see what all the fuss is about for yourself as Stranger Things Season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix in its entirety now.


via Collider

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