‘Heat 2’: Michael Mann Plans to Adapt Novel Into Feature Film Sequel!!

It’s been almost thirty years since the release of his criminal masterpiece film, Heat and now Michael Mann is looking to turn up the temperature once more with the release of a follow-up aptly titled, Heat 2. Mann’s new work is coming out as a novel, but he already has his sights set a bit higher.

Mann is already looking towards having a movie adaptation for the sequel. Set to take place both after and before the events in the widely celebrated 1995 original, Heat 2 will be available for purchase in August. The original film is a thrilling crime epic that follows the encounters between cop Vincent Hanna and criminal Neil McCauley, played by the celebrated actors Al Pacino and Robert De Niro with both serving up memorable quotes. The novel follow-up will see the return of characters from the original including Chris Shiherlis and Kelso played by Val Kilmer and Tom Noonan respectively. Al Pacino‘s character, Vincent Hanna will also be making a return.

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Mann spoke about what he has envisioned for his new work saying “It’s totally planned to be a movie.” Aware of the challenges that could beset such a venture, Mann does not see his work as one that should remain on the small screen, he adds: “Is it a modest movie? No. Is it a very expensive series? No,” he says. “It’s going to be one large movie.”

Mann has termed his plans as “ambitious” and they sure are given that he would have to make a film that appeals to the modern moviegoer while also dealing with complications like the fact that the original cast of the film has aged nearly 30 years since it was made. In response to the popularity challenge, Mann had this to say:

“It’s sustained in culture. It’s known. I could delude myself into thinking that the whole world is familiar with it, but when you check out its prominence in home vid for over 20 years, this thing really has legs. People are still watching it, people are still talking about it. It’s a brand. It’s kind of a Heat universe, in a way. And that certainly justifies a very large ambitious movie.”

The novel Heat 2 is co-written by Mann and Meg Gardiner. The novel version of Heat 2 arrives on August 9. While we wait for more news on the film adaptation, you can keep an eye out for Mann’s next directorial work, Ferrari which is a biopic on the racing mogul, Enzo Ferrari. The film will be set in the summer of 1957 and does not yet have a release date.



via Collider

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