‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Opens Strong with $143M at the BO!!

Disney/Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder held steady on Saturday, despite those lower than normal CinemaScore and PostTrak exits for a Marvel Cinematic Universe title. The Taika Waititi-directed sequel grossed $42.1M yesterday which is 4% above Friday’s true take of $40.5M (That’s $69.5M less $29M Thursday previews). This will get Thor: Love and Thunder to a $143M opening, per Disney. Worldwide is $302M, just like Nancy and I told you.

That number is the 12th-best opening for a Marvel Cinematic Universe title, after Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2‘s $146.5M. As we mentioned previously, the wonderful thing for motion picture studios as they put tentpoles out in the rebounding pandemic marketplace is that critical scores and exits aren’t watering down grosses like they did during pre-pandemic days.

Thor, like Jurassic World dinosaurs, is a big enough franchise to keep moviegoers coming, and again, this is the best the Norse Marvel superhero has ever opened in his history. Compared to Thor: Ragnarok, Thor: Love and Thunder pulled in a more diverse crowd, with more Hispanic and Latino (near a third of all ticket buyers, per PostTrak) and Asian at 13%.

Per EntTelligenceThor: Love and Thunder became the sixth movie during the pandemic to pull in over 10M admissions in its opening weekend, after Spider-Man: No Way Home (20.6M), Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (14M), Top Gun: Maverick (11.6M), Jurassic World Dominion (10.8M), and The Batman (10.1M)

When it comes to the box office legs for a MCU movie, those “A” CinemaScores do make a difference. Spider-Man: No Way Home with an A+ CinemaScore saw a 3.1x multiple off its $260.1M 3-day opening, landing it at a domestic final of $804.7M. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which had an A, generated a near 3x multiple off its $75.3M 3-day, for a $224.5M stateside final gross. However, Eternals, with a B Cinema Score, posted a 2.3x multiple, while Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with its B+ saw a 2.19x off its $187.4M opening, which is resulting in a current domestic take of $411M. Can Thor: Love and Thunder defeat the odds? It’s the only massive crowd pleaser, arguably until Warner Bros/DC’s Black Adam arrives on Oct. 21 and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on Nov. 11.

Imax auditoriums took in $23M for Thor: Love and Thunder around the globe, making it the fifth-biggest July debut for the exhibitor, or 7.6% of the fourthquel’s worldwide opening. North America’s 412 Imax screens drove $13.8M of Thor: Love and Thunder‘s weekend opening, or close to 10%, making it the large format’s fifth-biggest July opening weekend stateside. PLF screens overall contributed 36% to Thor 4‘s weekend. That includes Imax, Premium Large Format brands, 3D, and motion auditoriums.

Eighty-six of the audience was general, with 9% parents and 5% kids under 12. The moviegoing 18-34 demo repped 53% of Thor 4‘s weekend audience.

Marvel Boss Kevin Feige announced Thor: Love and Thunder at San Diego Comic Con 2019 (the last time the MCU sent shockwaves there), noting that there would be a new femme Thor played by Natalie Portman (aka Jane Foster). Disney launched the teaser trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder back in April, before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opened. In 24 hours, the trailer chalked up 209M views online, placing it in the top tier of MCU trailers, behind only Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spots ran across Good Morning America, summer reality competition programs, late night shows (Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, Corden, Meyers), Hispanic network/cable, general audience cable, major sports events, including the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, MLB, and UFC.  During the multigame NBA Eastern Conference Finals, the second trailer dropped, including custom promotional spots with Tyler Herro, Game No. 3 custom creative with Kevin Love and a ticket sales announcement, custom content featuring James Worthy prior to Game No. 4, and during the game, the trailer debut at halftime.

Notable promo partners on Thor: Love & Thunder included Geico, Old Spice, McDonald’s, and a custom console with XBOX. Geico’s creative played off of a current campaign in which new homeowners talk about their experiences – but in this case, there’s a lot of “hammering” going on in the neighborhood.

Old Spice had placement in the movie. In addition, there was a custom TV/digital/social campaign shot mockumentary-style, inspired by the Asgardian play theater troupe, with Luke Hemsworth as the actor version of Thor.

McDonald’s served up a worldwide Happy Meal program, TV spot, and a McDonald’s Power Up element, which gave kids the chance to rock out with their toys and the mobile app. There was also a big Times Square AR interactive billboard splash.

Xbox had its sixth Marvel partnership, with custom co-branded console kits amplified with out-of-home advertising in Times Square/LA Live, and pushes on the platform and online. Xbox and PC Games’ had a Goat Simulator Challenge inspired by the bombastic, screaming Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, where the top gamers go head-to-head to determine who is the ‘Greatest of All-Time.’

Disney further leveraged the cast with its social media channels, which has a reach near a half-billion. That part of the campaign included custom Twitter emojis and influencers tapping into fun ‘Greatest of all Thor’ facts, crafters, cosplay and art. @TwitterMovies was on the red carpet with the cast answering fan questions, and the film took over the account on opening week, including changing the location to New Asgard. There was also a Twitch Love and Thunder Couples Challenge, where a real-life gamer couple livestreamed together and quizzed each other on MCU trivia while also answering dating game-style questions about each other. It should be noted that in PostTrak exits, close to a third of those women under 25 who watched the movie came with a date; 11% of that demo saw Thor 4 with a spouse/partner.

There were also digital takeovers on the Amazon Fire TV Feature Rotator, Hulu, Fandango, and ESPN, with additional digital support on social, search, YouTube, streaming audio, Twitch, IGN, Fandom, and Playwire, etc.

A Mighty Thor walkaround character and the Mjolnir Experience made its debut at Disneyland.

The near 200K likes on Waititi’s Instagram post on Saturday:

Universal/Illumination’s Minions: The Rise of Gru will see a second weekend of $45.55M, -57% — which is the same second weekend hold as 2015’s Minions. The movie, now at $210M, is pacing behind Minions by just $5.7M by EOD today. This is after a $17.45M Saturday, +20% over Friday.

Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick‘s Saturday jumped 41% over Friday, $6.3M vs. $4.47M putting the pic’s 7th weekend at $15.5M, -40% for $597.4M.

Warner Bros.’ Elvis notched its third weekend where we were seeing it, coming in at $11M, for a $91.1M running total after a Saturday that was +30% over Friday, $4.36M vs. $3.3M.

An excellent healthy indicator that the theatrical business is in fantastic shape: Comscore is reporting the weekend for all movies at $236.1M, which is 28% ahead of the same post-July 4th weekend in 2019. The annual 2022 box office from Jan. 1-July 10 stands at $4.2 billion, 234% ahead of the same frame a year ago, and 30% behind that period for 2019.

The summer box office for the first Friday in May through July 10 has reaped $2.27 billion to date, +218% over the same period last summer, and pacing only 12% behind 2019 gross of that frame which was $2.58 billion. Spider-Man: Far From Home, off a $185M 6-day opening (of which Fri-Sun made $92.5M) ended its run at $390.5M, and industry sources this morning believe Thor 4 can emulate that final US/Canada gross.

Sunday AM reported figures:

1.) Thor: Love and Thunder (Disney) 4,375 theaters, Fri. $69.5M, Sat $42.1M, Sun $31.4M, 3-day $143M/Wk 1

2.) Minions: Rise of Gru (Uni) 4,427 theaters (+36), Fri $14.56M, Sat $17.45M, Sun $13.5M,  3-day $45.55M (-57%), Total: $210M/Wk 2

3.) Top Gun: Maverick (Par) 3,513 (-330) theaters, Fri $4.47M, Sat $6.3M, Sun $4.7M, 3-day $15.5M (-40%), Total $597.4M/Wk 7

4.) Elvis (WB) 3,714 theaters (-218), Fri $3.3M, Sat $4.36M, Sun $3.29M,  3-day $11M (-40%) Total $91.1M/Wk 3

5.) Jurassic World Dominion (Uni) 3,251 (-550) theaters, Fri $2.44M, Sat $3.4M, Sun $2.56M, 3-day $8.4M (-49%), Total $350.3M/Wk 5

6.) The Black Phone (Uni) 2,559 (-597) theaters, Fri $2.37M, Sat $3M, Sun $2.27M,  3-day $7.66M (-37%)/Total $62.3M: Wk 3

7.) Lightyear (Dis) 2,090 (-1,710) theaters, Fri $939K, Sat $1.22M, Sun $736K, 3-day $2.9M (-55%),  Total $112.3M/Wk 4

8.) Marcel the Shell With Shoes On (A24) 48 theaters (+26), Fri $102K, Sat $132K, Sun $105,6K  3-day $340K (+30%), Total $963,4K/Wk 3

9.) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Dis) 140 (-450) theaters, Fri $87k, Sat $107K, Sun $68K, 3-day $262K (-36%), Total $411.06M/Wk 10

10.) Everything, Everywhere All at Once (A24) 286 (-321) theaters, Fri $68,5K, Sat $95,8K, Sun $76,7K, 3-day $241,1K (-56%), Total $67.6M/Wk 16

11.) Mr. Malcolm’s List (BST) 1,057 (-327) theaters, Fri $70K, Sat $109K, Sun $65,5K, 3-day $245K (-76%), Total: $1.64M/Wk 2



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