‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Extended Cut to Arrive in Theaters!!

Everything Everywhere All At Once continues to dominate theaters. The independent hit, first released in March, will return to theaters on July 29 with more material.

This marks the third release of the film to cinemas after its initial theatrical release in March and its one-week release to IMAX in April. The extended cut of the film will feature a new introduction from directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert known collectively as “The Daniels” and an 8-minute blooper reel. This blooper reel could likely be the same one that appears on the recent Blu-ray release of the film. Users of Apple TV can also access the outtakes digitally by purchasing the digital copy.

Everything Everywhere All At Once follows the life of laundromat owner Evelyn Wang, played by Michelle Yeoh, as she is audited by the IRS. As Evelyn begins this frustrating process, she quickly realizes that she has the ability to jump through alternate realities also known as the “multiverse”. The concept of the multiverse has been increasingly prominent in Hollywood over the past few years, beginning with 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. In the past year alone, the multiverse has been a significant selling point in Marvel films such as Spider-Man: No Way Home, which featured the return of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire‘s Spider-Men, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, released only a couple of months after Everything Everywhere All At Once. The film also stars Stephanie Hsu, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ke Huy Quan, marking his return to acting. Quan is best known for his work as a child actor in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Goonies.

Everything Everywhere All At Once originally debuted at the South by Southwest film festival on March 11, 2022, before having a limited theatrical release on March 25. After its wide release on April 8, word of mouth quickly spread about the absurdist film. Reviews praised its innovative and effective mix of genres and its message, which touches on family and identity. So far, the film has grossed more than $67 million domestically and nearly $94 million globally, making it A24‘s highest-grossing film to date. The Daniels previously directed the absurdist comedy Swiss Army Man, which starred Paul Dano, and Daniel Radcliffe as a farting corpse. Before delving into feature films, The Daniels worked primarily on music videos. Check out Collider‘s review of the film here.

The new trailer can be seen below:


via Collider

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