‘The Wheel of Time: Origins’: New Teaser Confirms Return Next Month!! Check It Out!!

Prime Video‘s fantasy epic The Wheel of Time took the world by storm last year as it dove into the intricate and magic-filled world that the late Robert Jordan conjured up in his expansive novel series. Along with the series, Prime unveiled six animated shorts called The Wheel of Time: Origins which provided additional context to the tales being unfurled on-screen. The three-minute shorts were entitled “The Breaking of the World,” “The Fall of Manetheren.” “The Greatest Warder,” “Saidar, Saidin, Stone,” “The White Tower,” and “An Ogier’s Longing” and now, with today’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, fans got to see a glimpse behind the veil, as the creative team and a surprise guest came together to talk about the process.

The first entry into The Wheel of Time: Origins included the vocal talents of Rupert Degas, Ida May, Steven Hartley, and Evelyn Miller as narrators. The gorgeously animated shorts were directed by Dan DiFelice, with scripts by Rammy Park. The Wheel of Time‘s showrunner Rafe Judkins oversaw the project as an executive producer, alongside Craig Muller and Mike Weber.

Amidst a lot of other exciting news about The Wheel of Time shared at the panel, it was revealed that The Wheel of Time: Origins will return next month with new shorts. During Season 1, the animated shorts arrived alongside new episodes of the main series, however, it looks like the return to Origins will not be tied to Season 2, but stand on its own to give fans something new to look forward to.. The footage reveals that at least one short will focus on Lan Mandragoran’s family, including scenes of a younger Lan with his parents, set before his time as Moiraine’s warder. This surprise reveal explains why Daniel Henney was part of the panel today.

While Prime Video didn’t host a panel for The Wheel of Time this year, the Origins panel certainly whet our appetite for Season 2, which officially wrapped earlier this year. Most of the original cast is set to return, including Rosamund Pike, Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Zoë Robins, Madeleine Madden, and Daniel Henney. Dónal Finn will take over as Mat Cauthon in Season 2, as the character embarks on a darker path, as set up in the Season 1 finale. Additional newcomers to Season 2 include Ayoola Smart, Ceara Coveney, Natasha O’Keeffe, Gregg Chillingirian, and Meera Syal.

The Wheel of Time: Origins will return next month. Watch the footage below:


via Collider

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