‘Explorer’ Trailer Teases the Documentary on the Life of Explorer Ranulph Fiennes!! Check It Out!!

Prince Charles reflects on his relationship with explorer extraordinaire Sir Ranulph Fiennes in a clip Variety shared for Explorer. The new documentary from Matt Dyas (Jimmy the Whale Whisperer) follows the life of the man dubbed the World’s Greatest Living Explorer beyond his many accomplishments around the world. Featuring a number of interviews including Charles and another prominent adventurer in Bear Grylls as well as extensive access to Fiennes and his archives in the British Film Institute National Archives, the film looks to tell the complete story of the explorer and his drive to do the seemingly impossible.

Fiennes has lived an extraordinary life, setting and breaking records with his feats as an adventurer. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment came when he became the first person to circumnavigate the globe from pole to pole, a trip that took nearly three years to complete. He’s also crossed the Antarctic on foot, discovered the lost city of Iram, completed seven marathons in seven days on seven continents, and put himself in plenty of danger along the way. Across his expeditions, he’s raised millions for charity and participated in many events for the sake of raising money for a good cause. It doesn’t tell the full story of who he really is though, as Charles hints in the clip.

“He wants to do the things that haven’t been done by other people,” Charles opens the video with. “If you had too much imagination, you’d never do these things I don’t think.” Alongside the clips which show Fiennes taking part in blistering cold expeditions and a dangerous sea-faring trip through rough waters, it emphasizes how much of a daredevil the explorer is. Their relationship over the years has been one of pure fascination as Fiennes proved time and again how determined he was to explore the world even if it meant great physical harm. A younger Charles described his eccentric nature as “delightfully mad.” The film seems to make the case for the most eccentric individuals, the ones who seem borderline crazy to others but have an unceasing drive to break boundaries.

“In Explorer, I wanted to create a compelling portrait of the real man behind the myth, and between the cracks of the ordinary and the extraordinary, I hope audiences see for themselves an intimate side to his personality and the motivations that drive him,” Dyas said of the film. Dyas is no stranger to working with Fiennes, previously directing a miniseries with him and his actor cousin Joseph Fiennes titled Fiennes: Return to the Nile which had the pair navigating the titular river together. He’s also been involved in a number of documentaries over the years exploring the world from its oceans to the skies above.

Good Productions produced the documentary in collaboration with BFI and Universal Pictures Content Group with the BAFTA and Emmy-nominated George Chignell (Citizen K) also on board as an individual producer.

Explorer releases on digital and on-demand on August 30. Check out the trailer below:

via Collider

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