‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Volume 3 Trailer Teases New Unsettling Stories!! Check It Out!!

Netflix is inviting those who love mysteries, true crime, aliens, and the paranormal to gather ‘round and check out a trailer for the return of Unsolved Mysteries. That’s right, after a two-year hiatus that felt more like five, the chilling production is back to deliver more stories of unsolved cases and happenings that will rattle you to your core.

The trailer that Netflix dropped today reveals a slew of new tales of the bizarre ranging from murders to disappearances to alien encounters and even hauntings. Opening with the eerie piano intro that we so know and love from the original Raymond Burr hosted series, the teaser immediately dives into the baffling cases that audiences will learn about over the nine-episode season. It’s clear that missing people will be the focus of the show as we hear from families whose loved ones disappeared under head scratching circumstances. And, this is a great thing as getting the word out on missing persons is an excellent and effective tool in eventually finding them.

On the paranormal side of things, we see a young girl waving to absolutely nothing which, if you ask us, is the most terrifying type of haunting – one seen only by children. Along with an entity with “fiery orange eyes,” we also get a peek at a 21-inch footprint which makes us hold onto the hope that a Bigfoot story will come into play this season.

In a different move, Volume 3 of Unsolved Mysteries will be dropped over a three-week period with three episodes airing per week. This is a shake up from the prior seasons which were made available all at once – creating the perfect binging situation. It’s unclear as to why Netflix is choosing to go this route, and while we would love to stay up all night and by morning quit our jobs to become armchair detectives, it’s probably for the best that the episodes will be spread out.

Netflix has always been one of the top streaming platforms for viewers to learn about bizarre and unbelievable stories of true crime and mysteries, but as of late they’ve really put viewers over the edge. If you were a fan of Ryan Murphy’s record-breaking and stomach churning Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story or Skye Borgman’s I Just Killed My Dad (or any of Borgman’s excellent documentaries), you’ll definitely want to give the upcoming Unsolved Mysteries a go. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons it’s even better as they’re both available for binging on Netflix.

You can check out the show’s trailer below and catch the first three episodes of the second season of Unsolved Mysteries when they hit Netflix on October 18.


via Collider

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