‘Wolf Pack’: First Teaser Teases the ‘Teen Wolf’ Spinoff Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar!! Check It Out!!

An official teaser trailer for Paramount +’s original series, Wolf Pack, was revealed during New York Comic Con. The teaser was revealed during a joint Teen Wolf: The Movie and Wolf Pack panel. In addition, it was revealed that the series will premiere in the new year, on Thursday, January 26, 2023.

The teaser trailer opens with a scene of an officer standing on a bridge watching a forest fire on the other side. Viewers are immediately pulled into a drama when a fire truck then screams down the highway past a bus load of high school students stuck in traffic. Whilst we see commuters running from the chaos, we are first introduced to protagonist Everett (Armani Jackson) lying on the road, examining a large bite in his arm, similar to the wound Blake (Bella Shepherd) is later shown to have in her side. “You’re just like us now. Just like us,” Blake says, welcoming him to the other three scared teenagers forming the ‘wolf pack.’ The trailer promises plenty of action, drama, and some romance in the series, with scenes of police investigations, growing wolf claws, parties, kissing, and, of course, running from the monster which started it all. “My favourite’s the one with two heads,” Sarah Michelle Gellars character, Kristin Ramsey, says, referring to a series of wolf drawings pinned on a board, which is immediately cut to a closing scene of a werewolf character roaring with bloody teeth bared.

During the panel, additional cast members for the series were also announced. Previously, it was announced that alongside Geller and Shepherd, Wolf Pack will also star Rodrigo Santoro (as ranger Garrett Biggs), Chloe Rose Robertson (Luna), and Tyler Lawrence Gray (Harlan), all of whom joined executive producers Gellar and Jeff Davis (who also wrote the series and is behind upcoming movie Teen Wolf) at the panel. Further cast members for recurring roles have now been revealed, including Bailey Stender (iCarly), Chase Liefeld (Chang Can Dunk), Hollie Bahar (Westworld), Lanny Joon (Baby Driver), Rio Mangini (Everything Sucks), Stella Smith (Stargirl), Zack Nelson (Loot), and James Martinez (Love, Victor). Additionally, Amy Pietz (Caroline in the City), Bria Brimmer (Doom Patrol), John L. Adams (The Dead Zone), and Sean Philip Glasgow (Diary of a Future President) will be joining them.

Wolf Pack will be based on the novels by Edo Van Belkom. The series will follow a teenage boy and girl wounded in the chaos caused by a California wildfire, which awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. Drawn to two other teenagers adopted by a park ranger after another mysterious fire sixteen years earlier, they soon come together under a full moon to realize what connects them: the bite and blood of a werewolf. In addition to Gellar and Davis, Jason Ensler and Christian Taylor will also serve as executive producers, with Joe Genier, Mike Elliot, and Karen Gorodetzky serving as executive producers for Capital Arts.

Wolf Pack will premiere on Paramount + January 26, 2023 in the U.S. and Canada and January 27, 2023 in the U.K. Australia, and Latin America.


via Collider

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