‘Clerks III’: New Clip Sees Stars Audition for Dante and Randal’s Movie!! Check It Out!!

The stars came out for Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal’s (Jeff Anderson) final adventure together in a new clip for Clerks III. With the film centering on the pair’s attempts to make a film about their lives at the Quick Stop, mirroring Kevin Smith‘s own experience making the original Clerks, the footage is set at the local First Avenue Playhouse where they hold auditions for the film. Rather than a bunch of locals, however, famous actor after famous actor steps on stage to give all they have to be in the film.

After putting up a flyer for their auditions, the clip flashes to the playhouse where star after star comes on stage attempting to read Dante’s iconic line “I’m not even supposed to be here today.” Sarah Michelle GellarFred ArmisenMelissa BenoistDanny TrejoChris Wood, and more give their own takes on the line, crying while delivering it, adding some extra swearing, saying it in Spanish, or, in Wood and Benoist’s case, trying to turn the movie into a musical. Ben Affleck also tries his hand at the line under the stage name of Boston John, even giving the pair his best Robert DeNiro impression from Meet the Parents. It only gets better when they start casting for the role of Jay (Jason Mewes). Freddie Prinze Jr. thinks he’s doing an adult film, Armisen is really friendly about it saying, “I’ll f— anything that moves,” and Anthony Michael Hall takes it very seriously. As the auditions wind down, they even try Armisen‘s suggestion of using marionettes to do the film.

Clerks III is the heartfelt conclusion to the franchise at the center of Smith’s View Askewniverse, giving one final nod to all the characters and real people that have paved the way for Smith as a filmmaker. The audition scene plays into that, not just inviting major actors, but a slew of alumni from Smith’s previous work. Affleck in particular is deeply tied to Smith, appearing in Mallrats as a young actor, so it’s only fitting that his cameo would double as a deep-cut reference.

As a direct follow-up to Clerks II, the film sees the gang get back together to immortalize the lives of Randal and Dante through film after a massive heart attack nearly kills Randal. Alongside O’Halloran and Anderson, the film also stars Mewes and Smith reprising their roles as Jay and Silent Bob respectively, as well as Trevor FehrmanAustin ZajurMarilyn Ghigliotti, and Rosario Dawson.

Clerks III is available now through VOD and digital, though a physical 4K Ultra HD release is also coming on December 6. Check out the star-studded audition clip below.

via Collider

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