‘Young Rock’ Season 3 Gets a First Poster!! Check It Out!!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is cooking up fresh excitement ahead of Young Rock‘s Season 3 premiere. The sitcom illustrates the core character-defining moments in Johnson‘s life to date. Whilst Young Rock is largely biographical, it unapologetically ramps up some scenes for entertainment purposes. Its unique format also incorporates a “future” version of Johnson, in addition to the past portrayals of the star.

In a new poster for the show, the wrestling-icon-turned-Hollywood-sensation teased a look at what’s to come in the series’ third installment. The colorful image stages Johnson, who narrates the NBC show, front and center surrounded by his youthful counterparts (brought to life by Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant and Uli Latukefu). Perhaps most significantly, the Black Adam star’s young-adult self (Latukefu) is seen in full character as his WWE “The Rock” persona. He steals the show with a championship belt slung over his shoulder, flexed muscles and Johnson’s signature raised eyebrow. Other significant appearances include the actor’s on-screen depiction of his champion wrestler father Rocky Johnson, who is portrayed by Joseph Lee Anderson on the show. The poster also features a bold tagline that hints at big things coming in season three. “His dreams are coming true…BIG TIME,” it reads.

After sharing the image with his legion of supporters, Johnson took the moment to hail the show a “surreal” experience and cited that some of his lowest points are now memories he looks back on fondly. “This TV series continues to be the most surreal experience of my career — as my wild and unpredictable life stories growing up in [a] culture of tough love,” he wrote in the Instagram post. “Yesterday’s hard times are today’s smiles and headlines.” The poster gives a glimpse into the tidbits of information audiences have been fed about the upcoming season thus far.

Young Rock‘s second segment wrapped on a cliffhanger with Johnson losing the presidential election to opponent Brayden Taft (Michael Torpey). The upcoming third season is set a year after season three concluded, with future Rock navigating a move back into the limelight. Meanwhile – and perhaps most excitingly – audiences are tipped to finally witness Johnson’s rise to wrestling fame as he begins to embody that all-famous “The Rock” personality.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creators Nahnatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang gave an insight into where the show picks up in the opening episodes. “He’s sort of stepped out of the public eye a little bit, but then he gets the call from President Taft telling him there’s a national crisis and he needs Dwayne‘s help, ” Khan said. “So, he kind of gets pulled back into the mix.”

Although most other details for the much-anticipated season have been kept hushed, Chiang revealed audiences can expect to see some meaningful “little details” from Johnson‘s life brought to the small screen – thanks to the actor’s openness with his experiences. With a deeper dive into the widely-adored star’s life, more detailed insight into the smaller moments and a handful of his most notable career highlights will take center stage. It looks like there is plenty to look forward to in this upcoming season.

Young Rock Season 3 drops on November 4 on NBC. You can check out the poster here:

Check out the trailer for the show below:

via Collider

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