‘Disenchanted’: New Poster Teases the Much Awaited ‘Enchanted’ Sequel!! Check It Out!!

This November, audiences can finally return to Andalasia as the long-awaited Disenchanted arrives on Disney+. The sequel to the beloved hit Enchanted sees the return of many familiar faces as Amy Adams‘ Giselle struggles to maintain her happily ever after. With one month left to go, Disney+ has shared a new poster for the movie. The streamer also revealed that the release date has been pushed up from its initial Thanksgiving release to November 18.

The new poster spotlights Adams as Giselle in a similar pose to that of the first poster. However, this latest poster gives viewers a close-up look of Adams. It steeps her in warm reds and oranges that would typically remind one of cozying up during the fall months (especially as the movie releases right around Thanksgiving). This time, the colors serve to reiterate that Giselle isn’t the same glass-completely-full woman viewers met in Enchanted. Surrounded by a tangle of vines, Adams‘ expression is one that hints at something a little more wicked to come.

Disenchanted is set 15 years after Enchanted. Giselle and Robert (Patrick Dempsey) are married, Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino) is a teenager, and the couple have welcomed a new baby into the family. Despite this seemingly picture-perfect life, Giselle has grown weary of city life and the sparkle of “happily ever after” has dulled. To recapture the magic, Giselle and her family move to the suburban town of Monroeville. However, the town’s queen bee, Malvina Monroe (Maya Rudolph), doesn’t make life easy on Giselle. Desperate to return to the perfect life, Giselle turns to Andalasia for help, but a spell gone wrong jeopardizes the kingdom, the real world, and Giselle’s happiness.

Enchanted first premiered in 2007 and has since become a cherished film that still holds up today. It focused on soon-to-be princess Giselle, a resident of the animated fairy tale world of Andalasia. Just as her wedding is about to begin, the evil queen and Giselle’s future stepmother banishes her to modern day, live-action New York City. While there, Giselle soon learns that the real world is much more cynical than her life back in Andalasia, and she’s forced to rethink her own beliefs after meeting a divorce lawyer named Robert.

Disenchanted is written by Brigette Hales from a story by J. David StemDavid N. Weiss, and Richard LaGravenese. It is directed by Adam Shankman. AdamsBarry Sonnenfeld, and Barry Josephson produced, with ShankmanJo Burn, and Sunil Perkash as executive producers. Alan Menken did the music and score, with lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Additional cast includes Yvette Nicole BrownOscar NuñezJayma MaysAnn HaradaMichael McCorry RoseJames Monroe Iglehart, and Kolton Stewart.

Disenchanted premieres exclusively on Disney+ on Friday, November 18. Check out the new poster below:


via Collider

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