Henry Cavill Confirms Return as Superman in New Video!! Check It Out!!

The Man of Steel is officially back. Henry Cavill shocked everyone with his cameo in a post-credits scene of Black Adam earlier this week, capping off several long years of speculation surrounding Superman. Now it’s confirmed that the brief appearance wasn’t a one-off. Cavill posted a video on his Instagram account announcing that he will return as Superman in future DCEU projects.

“The image you see in this post and what you saw at the end of Black Adam are just a very small taste of what’s to come,” Cavill said in the video after showing an image of himself in the iconic suit. He decided to hold off on making the news official until more people had seen the new Dwayne Johnson film themselves to get the full effect of the cameo. It marks the first time Cavill has portrayed the iconic DC hero since 2017 with Justice League.

Although a bit of a shock to see him, it’s not entirely surprising that he’s back in the saddle as Superman. Internal reports about his return have been circulating for some time despite pushback from some at Warner Bros. Moreover, it would’ve been difficult to find another actor as suited to playing Superman as Cavill. Ever since appearing in Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, Cavill has been the de facto face of the character, reprising the role in Batman v. Superman and the aforementioned Justice League. Despite those films being of varying quality, Cavill was always a standout in the role, and bringing him back for Black Adam tees a major storyline between him and Johnson that’d be a huge boon for the DCEU.

It’s a welcome return for Cavill too, who has long since expressed his desire to return to the role of Superman even as he grew busier at Netflix with The Witcher and Enola Holmes. He’ll bring some stability back to a DC Universe in desperate need of it. Under the David Zaslav regime, it feels like bad headline after bad headline has come out over the past few months. Adding a fan-favorite star like Cavill that can be at the center of plenty of stories to come is one way to win that support back. Cavill has a deep connection to Superman, and he should fit right in alongside DC‘s slew of stars.

You can get a peak at Cavill back as the Man of Steel with his cameo at the end of Black Adam or check out Cavill‘s video below for an image of his Superman and the official announcement of his return.

via Collider

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